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Got To Do is an application for managing tasks and thing to do, based on the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) Workflow. Got To Do supports all versions of Android from 1.5 onwards.

Existing Android Market Paid Customers

According to Google, all paid customers should be able to download the paid version of Got To Do from their ‘My Downloads’ or ‘My Applications’ tab on the Android Market app.  It seems as though this is not working well for people.  So I have linked the APK for download (for last 3 versions, in case some of you prefer the older ones) below.  These APK files will only work (without the not licensed message) if you have paid for Got To Do and you are using the same google identity on your device as when you paid for the app.

hope this helps

Got To Do v1.4.1

Got To Do v1.3.0

Got To Do v1.2.9

Announcement: Future of GotToDo

In recent months I have been unable to devote much time to maintaining and improving Got To Do.  I can now explain that this was due to working on the negotiation and process of selling the company I am part of during my day time employment.  This successful sale is an exciting development in my professional life and is the second such startup that I have been part of and has been acquired by a larger company – so I already know that with any acquisition, comes increased workload for the following few years.   For this reason, I have had to make the decision to stop developing Got To Do, to concentrate all my efforts and hours on my new role.  I am very keen to find a way for the application to continue to grow and provide a service to all the dedicated users and customers that have supported, and I hope, enjoyed the application for the last 16 months.
Please contact me at to discuss any suggestions, I am open to every option as long as it offers a way for the application to continue.
I will be withdrawing the paid and free versions of Got To Do from the market (existing users will be unaffected by this) at the end of March – so I hope to have a continuation plan in place by that time.
Thanks for your support and apologies that I cannot continue to develop Got To Do.


v1.4.1 Released – Large Screen Support

Just released v1.4.1 – this now supports large screen devices – such as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I have specifically tested with the Samsung emulator – so am pretty sure all is well – but let me know if you see and issues with screen layouts on *any* device, they are all potentially effected by this release.

For those of you who had issues with 1.4 and widget integrations – 1.4.1 should resolve these

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I have just started work on allowing Got To Do to utilise the full screen on the Samsung Galaxy (and other large screen devices) – I am hopeful of a release by the weekend.  Seems like the Android tablet community is growing rapidly – it is probably the most requested change to Got To Do!

I am having to take more control of the screen layouts and stop Android filling in all the gaps for me (as it does in the current version) – this is largely a testing job to make sure that I have broken the layouts on the numerous other combinations of screen size and densities – there really are loads to test!  Depending on time, I may also look at adding layouts for small screen devices – so they will then be able to see the app in the market.

v1.3.0 Released

This release contains quite a few small additions that people have been requesting:

Full details of all additions can be found here:  Redmine Release Roadmap v1.3.0

Creating a task for a web page url from the browser.

  • Go to any web page in the browser
  • long click on the url in the address bar or long click on any link in a web page – choose ‘share link’ or ‘share page’
  • Select Got To Do from the list
  • Got To Do will open, with a new task created – the title of which will be page title if done from the address bar, blank if done from a link.
  • The notes in the task will contain the URL – which you can click on to open the web page at a later date

Share a task with any app that supports sharing

  • Got to the task details page for a task
  • Press ‘menu’ button
  • Select ‘Share’

Folder / Context Name Clash on Sync

  • This long standing issue is now resolved, you can no longer create multiple folders with the same name – capitalisation of folder names is not enough to make them different.
  • On upgrade to this release, if you have multiple folders with the same name then they will all have a number added onto the ends of their names to differentiate them.  You will need to logon to TD after you have syncd to edit the names and then sync again.

Start screen configuration allows you to select any screen now

New task sort orders added

  • Starred, Priority, Due Date
  • Priority, Starred, Due Date
  • Priority, Start Date (descending)

v1.2.9 released

Essentially a bug fix release, trying to catch up with issues raised during the last couple of months.

Full details of the list of changes can be seen here and the related bugs/features are shown in the Redmine Tracker RoadMap.

Headline fixes

  • The rare, but long standing bug that causes the deletion of tasks on the app and their subsequent deletion on Toodledo has been found and is fixed!  This is the same bug that is triggered when you try to delete an ’empty’ task.
  • Repeating task start date/time and due date time behaviours now mirror ToodleDo exactly.


  • Date/Time in task lists not displaying correctly since DST time changes.  I know what causes this and will fix this with the upgrade of ToodleDo API to v2.  For now you can fix this by clearing all the local data and resyncing from ToodleDo – see the notes in the Redmine issue for this. (Redmine Issue)
  • Time of tasks being changed upon entry in task details screen (not a general problem it seems).  The workaround for this is to go to the Phone Settings -> Date & Time Settings, switch off the Automatic – use network-provided settings and then Select the appropriate timezone.  If this causes the times to show incorrectly in the lists, then you will need to follow the instructions in the bullet above. (Redmine Issue)


Redmine tracking is making it easier for me to keep an more organised eye on what is going on, please register an account to comment on any issue or become a watcher on any issue.

Bugs / Support / New Features – Official Tracking

I have setup a Redmine tracker to allow you to raise bugs/support issues/new features.  This will provide a more structured approach to keeping track of changes and features and will give you a place to track easily the changes that most affect you.  You will be able to see any prioritisation/planning/comments, which will hopefully provide a more transparent look into the work I am progressing on the app.

You do not need to register to raise new issues, but if you wish to comment / watch (receive emails on updates) / contribute to these issues, then you will need to register a user with an email address. If you are registered and signed in when you raise an issue, then you will automatically receive email notifications upon updates to the issue.  All notifications are configurable in the “My Account” link in the top right if you are logged in.

Here are some quick links: both of which will remain linked at the top of the homepage on this blog: Redmine Issue Tracker or Add an issue quickly

I have added the most recent issues into the tracker and will go back through email at a later point to gather up others, but please feel free to raise your issue if it is not already in the list!

Hope you find this useful

What’s Happening?

What has been happening?

I can see from the hot topics in the forum, news of the demise of the Got To Do app is spreading a little prematurely. In the last 2 or 3 months I have not been very active in making updates to the app. This is the result of my day job consuming all of my free time. It looks like it is going to continue for another couple of weeks, but I am gradually getting some time to get back to the app.

I have not made any official announcements up until this point, as I really had no idea when my work load would ease up – it is a very important time for me at the day job and I am afraid this will always take priority over Got To Do. But, that said, I have no intention of giving up on the app!

I see that there are 2 strong competitors in this space now, one of which is produced by a software company that has had success with the same app on the iphone. Having looked at both, I still see quite significant differences in the approaches of all the apps and have concluded that it is worth my while starting on the v2 of Got To Do.

I will try to be more communicative if I am not working on changes for the app in the future! But you will have to take any timescales I mention as only being accurate at the time I made them!

Thank you for your patience, I apologise if some of you have been frustrated by my absence.

What Now?

My intention is to focus most of my time on a completely re-written v2 of the app. V1 is the first Android app I have written and with that experience under my belt I can see quite a few fundamental design changes that I would like to make. This coupled with a completely new v2.0 API from Toodledo (recently released) has led me to conclude that a rewrite is actually going to be the best course of action to put in place a foundation for the future of the app.

What will be on the list in v2?

Pretty much everything from v1 plus the following:

  • Location support (provided in v2 api)
  • Goal support
  • Backup support
  • Less tie in internally to Toodledo (with the aim of supporting other online services later on)
  • Making Tags first class citizens (this will need to be done in the app as Toodledo have no support in their v2 API for this.)
  • Consideration for tablet devices (pending investigation of how!)
  • Finally adding the user definable lists (user defined search)
  • Changing the sync model, to be more driven by changes than on a timer. There will still need to be a timed part to pickup tasks (perhaps hourly) from TD.

There will be consideration for many other smaller requests that have been building up since I launched the app too.

How do I think I will do this?

The first step is in rewriting my Toodledo API access library, this will now use v2 of their API and will support all entities that TD provide. Once this is complete, I will replace the existing library in v1 of the app. I am hoping that this will make many of the force close/date time issues that a few people are experiencing go away – it will definitely make the duplicate folder/context issue go away. I am estimating that this work will take 2-3 weeks.

After I have upgraded the v1 app, I will be spend just about all of my development hours on rebuilding the app – this will include a much more Android-esque content provider backed model, instead of the more flexible (but less integrated) DAO model I currently have. I have learned many things about Android application design during the last 12 months and realise that many of the screen issues that people have are a result of not having quite the right design underneath.

I am hoping to start making an alpha version available to volunteers as soon as I have minimal functionality – I will ask for volunteers at that point, I will probably do this through a free app on the market each version of which will only work for 30 days or so. It will be installable alongside the existing v1 of the app.

Thanks for your continuing support!

Andy (

v1.2.8 Released – Syncing updates

I was recently contacted by Toodledo about the syncing volumes/patterns that the app generates on their service.  Due to the background syncing checking roughly every 15 minutes, their site was experiencing very high peak loading for a couple of minutes every quarter of an hour.  I had a short email discussion, which resulted in Toodledo requesting some changes to the app that will help them manage their service better for all of their users.  This release addresses these requests.

  • Change appid in API calls, to allow proper tracking on ToodleDo
  • Remove 15 minutes sync interval, at the request of – anyone who has 15 minute interval will now be set to 30 mins
  • When a sync is due, add a random number of minutes 0-15 of delay, to spread load on TD servers.
  • Manual sync is unaffected by any of these changes.

I hope that these changes will not impact on your usage of Got To Do, but these were necessary to maintain a ‘well behaved’ relationship with Toodledo.  I am in discussion with the guys from Toodledo about their experiences (from their iPhone app) with syncing on application startup/shutdown and an hourly background check to ensure timely updates.  As they have just released v2.0 of their API, I will also be investigating the additions that this can bring to the app – including location support.

v1.2.7 Released – Task Edit, performance issue resolved

For some time now people have been reporting very poor performance from the app under certain circumstances.  v1.2.7 should hopefully address these issues.  It only applied to people using subtasks in Toodledo and therefore only applied to some paid users of Got To Do.

The performance of editing any task was decreased with every new parent task in the app.  The tipping point on the Nexus One was approximately 50 parent tasks, resulting in 2-3 second edit lag for any task (this is up in the 5-10 second range on Samsung Galaxy S / Moment / Vibrant – which all suffer from a well documented lag issue due to their internal SD memory and proprietary file system).

Please let me know if this release has improved your edit performance – if you are still having issues, please contribute to the discussions on the Google Group for the app.