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v1.2 Released

April 27, 2010

Version 1.2 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

Headline changes for this release:

  • Reminders/Notifications have been completely redesigned and rewritten
    This change was necessary to ensure that missed notifications are a thing of the past.  In this release you will see no outward change in notifications (except they should be 100%  reliable), but the groundwork for the next release has been done to allow full screen notifications and snoozing of notifications – these will be coming soon.
  • Integration with the current version of Pure Calendar Widget
    This is only available to paid Got To Do users and it supports display of GTD tasks in the widget and edit/creation of tasks from the widget.  Integration to this very popular widget should give people an alternative to the built in widget, with more background/colour choices (see here).  You will be able to complete tasks from the Pure Calendar widget future releases too.  Go and and give it a try now!
    App Brain
  • Full list of all changes and bug fixes here

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  1. Gilles permalink

    I try your last update 1.2 in combination with the last release of Pure Calendar, and I do not see any task in Pure Calendar.

    Do I miss something in configuration to have the task showned

    Best regards

    • You need to select Got To Do from the ‘task provider’ drop down in Pure Calendar setup.

  2. nenad permalink

    is it possible to set reminder to 0 minutes to due time? I saw 15 mins before event is min.

    • It is not currently possible to have 0 minutes as Toodledo do not support this. They have recently added a 1 minute before in their web ui, but API is not updated to reflect this. I am going to see if API will accept a value of 1 now – so this may be available in the next release.

  3. Gilles permalink


    I have done that before sending the info. I also removed the free version to be sure not having interference.

    Some task are due today and tomorow but nothing is showned in Pure calendar.

    • Do you have the paid version or the lite version of Got To Do? The integration is only supported in the paid version.

      • Gilles permalink

        I have the paid version, payed this morning to perform the test

        Any advise ?

  4. I tried to upgrade from slideme but do not see 1.2 there, only 1.1.3

    • I just checked, SlideME is definitely showing v1.2 on the application details page on their website. I uploaded it last night at the same time as I pushed to the Android Market. I will give it another check when I get home tonight – maybe you could have another look. If you have no luck then I will try to re-upload later and see if that cures the issue.

  5. I re-installed app from slide me. It installed 1.2 although it still says the latest version is 1.1.3

  6. Gilles permalink

    Also I do not see the indentation for the subtask in the task list – different from what his presented on the picture

    Any configuration to have it like that ?

    • Indentation is only available in the paid version of the app and also requires a Toodledo Pro subscription. If you have both of these, then you can enable it by pressing ‘v’ button in top left and selecting ‘nested subtasks’

      • Gilles permalink

        Thank you, that work, but already nothing visible in the Pure Calendar widget…..

        I have and HTC desire, using Sense as home, Do you have any idea about how to solve this issue ?


      • What I will do later today (may have to be tomorrow) is document a Pure Calendar configuration that I use to test with. There are many settings available and I am wondering if some combinations are causing issues. So far I have not had any other questions regarding tasks not displaying, only some regarding sort order and overdue highlighting – which I am working with the developer of Pure Calendar to address.

  7. Gilles permalink

    Thanks, I will wait for your inputs……


  8. Sharp permalink

    “Got to do” is working perfect with Pure Calendar, this is a great app.

    It is very good to past dates are red colors but it would be better if due date would be green too. Because it would be more visible. Can you make this little change?

    Is it possible to view notes in third row?

  9. NoviQ permalink

    First of all, thanks for that amazing app! I’ve just bought full version from SlideME (it’s a pity there’s no support on paid apps on the original Android Market in my country yet).

    I have a question about the desktop widget. Are you planning to make a bigger version? Current one is very small and, well, quite useless yet. It’d be great if there was a big horizontal version that allow you to scroll throught the list and select any task.

    Also, I have a feeling the buttons (both in the widget and in the app itself) don’t react always the same way. It looks that you always have to double-tap them – is this on purpose?

    • NoviQ permalink

      Any chance of an answer to my questions above? 😉

    • Apologies for not replying sooner, I am afraid I have missed your comment!

      – Widgets, I have so many requests for new widgets, different sizes/shapes/colours. Widgets are very limited in Android and as such require a lot more work to get them to be configurable etc. I essentially have to write a widget for each combination that people ask for. So I worked with the author of PureCalendar widget to do an integration, as he already has multiple sizes/colours etc. This was the quickest way to address the most people. So for the next few releases there will be no significant update to the current widget.

      – Buttons, these should work on the first click (or a long click will often have different behavior). I only have 1 real device to test these on (HTC Magic 1.6) and I find it difficult to replicate your issue of having to multi-click.

  10. jinesh udani permalink

    I am running Got To Do on a Nexus One. Its was running great so far. However the font is hardly visible and very small. Any recommendations on how to fix it.

    • jinesh udani permalink

      Was bad file on sd card. Nothing to do with Got To Do. Sorry. Its an awesome piece of software and would be greater if we can search/filter by start dates and tags. Thanks a ton for creating this great software.

  11. Maringuy permalink

    Wonderful app–thank you so much!! Question: I have a lot of repeating tasks on Toodledo (eg, daily, every other day, 1st & 3rd Wednesday, annually, etc). I don’t want to see the task until the date it is set to be done. I handle this in Toodledo by setting a future start date (which updates when I complete the task), then hide future tasks using the filter. In Got To Do, though, I don’t seem to be able to do this (it hides future events based on due date, not start date). Any suggestions on how to do this?

    • I will need to add support for filtering by start date as well as due date. Others have requested this too, so it will be in future releases.

  12. gorlib permalink

    I cannot select 31th May at Start-date or Due-date.
    Do you have workaround?

    • I will investigate this. If it is a bug with my calendar widget, then the only workaround would be to set the dates on the Toodledo website and then sync them to the app.

      • jinesh udani permalink

        Your Calendar Widget handles a max of 5 weeks. May 2010 spans across 6 weeks and hence we cannot see the bottom row.

  13. Maringuy permalink

    Thanks for your quick response. This kind of filtering will be really important. This is an incredible app–thanks for all your hard work!!

  14. Jinesh Udani permalink

    Feature Requests:
    – Ability to Filter/View tasks by Start Date
    – Ability to Filter/View tasks by Tags
    – Ability to Mark Complete the Task from the Edit Screen. (I also have Pure Calender widget, when I click on the day summary I can then click on the task and go to the task. But cannot mark it compete from that page. I then need to open GotToDo App and mark it complete). This small feature will make the application more user friendly and amazing to use.

    Thank you for your hard work, vision and creativity.

  15. James Leo permalink

    I cannot seem to find a way to get an audible notification on my HTC Incredible when a reminder comes up. Am I missing something, or is this feature coming soon?

    Thank you. Great app!

  16. kasper permalink

    I cannot figure out how to have notifications come up for my Motorola android. I have the got to do version 1.2. But when events hit there due date/time I receive no notification. Do I have to set this up? I can figure out how to do reminders but I do not want to have to set a reminder for each event.

  17. Roger permalink

    Will Got to Do work with Calendar Pad? This calendar is very good and it would be great if your app works with this calendar.

    • Not currently, the author of that app would need to do some work to integrate from Got To Do

    • I would love to see calendar pad integration because pure calendar is not available from slideme.

  18. Tony permalink

    What about supporting voice recognition?

    • That is a possibility in the future, I will need to investigate the speech API and see how this might be achieved.

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