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v1.2.1 Released

May 17, 2010

Version 1.2.1 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

  • BUG FIX for the date selection calendar, where 6 week months (like this month) were not displaying correctly
  • Support for the new Toodledo reminder time of 1 minute, you can now schedule and sync tasks with Toodledo that have these 1 minute before due date reminders.
  • Support for 3 new sort orders, available on all lists – By Context Name, By Folder Name, By Starred
  • Couple of other bug fixes for issues reported by users (thanks!) See here for more detail.

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  1. Martin permalink

    just purchased Got To Do 1.2.1 on the market.
    Needed to uninstall Got To Do Free, because there was some “Duplicate Authority” error coming up before.

    Now the program runs fine, but I don´t have the widget any more.
    What can I do?


  2. Martin permalink

    Widget issue is resolved.
    Unistalling and re-installing helped.

    You may want to post this somewhere, in case someone runs into the same issue.


  3. gorlib permalink

    thank you very much to fix calender issue.
    good work!

  4. jinesh udani permalink

    I just updated to 2.2. I don’t see this app in the market.

    • jinesh udani permalink

      Looks like with 2.2 I don’t see any of my purchased applications in the market. Very strange.

  5. Mark permalink

    Fantastic app with huge possibilities and potential. Having difficulty syncing with Toodledo as getting message “Synchronisation failed: that folder already exists” when there don’t seem to be any folder duplications etc. Is there any way / plan to allow backing up data to memory card for times when there are sync issues (peace of mind etc.). Cheers.

  6. Mark permalink

    Well, tried removing folders from Toodledo and syncing, seemed to be going well then gave me a failed to sync due to invalid id number. All the folders on my phone messed up and/or removed so not good. Not overly impressed with Todledo anyway so, this annoyance apart, liking your app I would really like a way to backup locally if possible as I doubt I could ever trust the app with my critical data to sync correctly with Toddledo. The app is great but until I know I can safeguard data I will be wary about trusting it entirely (which somewhat undermines the GTD ethos). Anyway, off to try and salvage the carnage 😉

    • Sorry to hear you are having issues. I believe that in most cases the sync is completely reliable – there are cases (such as loss of network connection halfway through a sync) where it is entirely possible to have out of sync data on app/toodledo. Toodledo do not provide a transactional API, so it is impossible in a mobile network environment to guarantee the sync – but the syncing algorithm I use has been designed (to work around API constraints) to try and recognise these discrepencies and resolve them.

      If you have your data mastered on Toodledo, then you can clear all the local data and then force a clean sync from TD to the app. Use settings->manage local data->clear local data (this will wipe your local copies of tasks etc. but will leave task templates and other configurations) – you can then force a manual sync to get you data from TD to the app

      hope this helps

  7. Mark permalink

    Thanks for the feedback. I have the opposite data requirements in the short term i.e. I do not wish to lose the data and associations I have created locally and after the issues with syncing do not want to risk losing it (I think I have still got all the entries, merely all the folders were removed on sync despite the option for conflicts to be resolved in the phone’s favour). It synced well for a few days but after adding a large number of folders, contexts and tasks on the phone app it is having issues. All the contexts remained associated and half the folders were removed. I don’t think there are any network issues locally as I am in a strong wifi reception with no drop off in other devices. There could have been server side issues. Is there any way to back up the data locally before I try to set about resolving the sync issues?

  8. Mark permalink

    All seems to be resolved now. I manually reentered my tasks into Toddledo and removed the application, reinstalled the paid for version and synced. It all seems to be working well now so happy days. Thanks for putting together such a useful app.

  9. Any chance of getting the ability to have differentr statuses listedin summary view? Like you do with next action. Custom option would be perfect but would really like at least someday.

  10. MIKE permalink

    hope you guys could add a support for Sync with google Tasks/Calendar

  11. johnd permalink

    I’m new to android (I have an xda-developers version installed on my TyTN 2). It’s working pretty well, but periodically I can’t find applications in the Market. Such is the case with this application.

    As far as I can tell I’m running android 1.6 so I would expect this application to show up. Any clue as to why it’s not showing up? Is there another way I can get it other than the Market?


  12. Really love the Gottodo app. Nicely designed and highly functional. However lately I’ve noticed that I’ve seemed to have lost some functionality with this app on my g1. I can’t seem to add new things to do items and I can’t seem to expand or collapse any of the tree hierarchies with my g1’s trackball button. I tried completely uninstalling and re-installing and syncing. But it wasn’t successful. Your suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Ok I figured out how to do items are added with the plus signs at the top and template selections. Pretty cool. Still can’t see why the trackball selection doesn’t collapse/uncollapse folders. Still – this is a wonderful app.

  14. johnd permalink

    I was able to download the app onto my TyTN 2 through slideme. Works great!

    I would like more control over the home screen, however. I mostly view the folders when dealing with my tasks and would like to have them higher up on the list of items.


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