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v1.2.2 Released

June 6, 2010

Version 1.2.2 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

Mostly a bug fix release, but other notable additions:

  • For paid Got To Do Users, Pure Calendar integration should now have full date time sorting
  • Polish translation – many thanks to Michal Zajac
  • Slovakian translation – many thanks to Peter Novotny
  • Change default calendar control first day to Monday, most people want this, will add configuration in next release for those that want Sunday
  • Quite a few bug fixes see Release History for details

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  1. NoviQ permalink

    Great there’s another update!

    But how can I change my display language back to english?

    • Set your locale to English in the phone settings, this will cause the app to use the English translation

      • NoviQ permalink

        Thanks for the reply.

        Thing is, I bought your app as I also use Toodledo with pro subscription. And Toodledo doesn’t have translation to my language. And even if it had, I wouldn’t use it as in some cases I prefer english – it just looks/sounds much more clear to me.

        That’s why it would be great to have an option to swich the language in the app itself.

      • Ondrej permalink

        I have locales set to Czech. But i really don’t want the app to be in Slovak. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Is there any option how to switch the app to Eng w/o needing to change the locales?

  2. James Leo permalink

    I have a suggestion for future updates. When adding tasks while in a particular folder, it would be nice if the folder location pre-populated in the task. Is this possible, or does it always have to be manually selected?

    Thank you.

    • Endre permalink

      You can use the copy command for that to generate tasks with the same or similar preferences.
      Actually I like the duplicate naming much better for this action

  3. Allen Gwinn permalink

    Could you consider adding a feature that Sync’s upon launching and exiting the app? Perhaps several settings:

    Sync on startup:

    o Sync without asking (automatically)
    o Prompt to sync on start (manual)

    Sync on quit:

    o Sync without asking (automatically)
    o Prompt to sync on quit (manual)

  4. Endre permalink

    The new release (light version 1.2.2 from market) causes FC on my HTC Desire when using the back keypress to get back to main menu after editing a task.

    Investigate ‘cos I had to downgrade to 1.2 which is stable on my device

  5. Paul Jones permalink

    This release (1.2.2) has broken GotToDo for me (on HTC Desire) the details screen just hangs / locks and Android OS comes in and suggests Force Close

    Can I get a 1.2.1 version from somewhere to get me going again ?

  6. Sharp permalink

    There is a problem with this version. Tasks visible in PureCalendar if I uncheck “Show only tasks with due dates” only however some tasks have due dates. This works perfect in previous version (1.2.1).

    Future request: I would like to see actual date with green color like overdue color with red. Is it possible?

    • jinesh udani permalink

      I also confirm this has broken in the current build. Please fix this asap. This breaks my complete purpose of using this application.

      It would also be nice to be able to complete the Task from the Task Edit Screen. Here is the use case problem:
      In Pure Calendar Details, click on a GTD Task. Even through I have completed this task, I cannot mark it complete from this screen. I need to open the GotToDo Task and then find it and then mark it complete.

    • I will investigate this ASAP and release a fix – my basic release testing showed no issues. Could you let me know the version of PureCalendar you are using, that may be relevant.

      • Sharp permalink

        My PureCalendar version is 1.9.7. This number I did found in Market.

      • jinesh udani permalink

        Pure Calendar Version is also 1.9.7. The latest from the Market.

      • try v1.2.3, this should resolve the Pure Calendar issues

  7. David Ostroske permalink

    Hi, I have the paid app, and I just recently upgraded to v1.2.2, after getting force closes. I’m still getting those force closes.

    I don’t have Pure Calendar. I do have a free ToodleDo account, though, and it seems like the app crashes when it attempts to sync with ToodleDo. I get a Force Close message when I attempt a manual sync, and the summary page shows that it occurs when “Synchronizing Tasks.”

    Hope that helps. I’ve been very happy with the app. I’d love for it to be able to sync again.

    • Try the v1.2.3, I have not specifically fixed any sync issues, so not sure that it will help.

      If your issue persists, then do the following (assuming you have used the free Toodledo Account to backup your tasks)
      1) From within the app Menu -> Settings -> Manage Local Data -> Clear local data -> Clear Tasks/Folders/Contexts (this will wipe all local tasks etc. – configurations and templates will be unaffected)
      2) Force a manual sync to reload all your data from Toodledo

      Hope this helps

  8. David Ostroske permalink

    Wipe-and-sync did the trick. Thanks for your help!

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