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Issues with v1.2.2

June 7, 2010


Since the release last night of v1.2.2 I have had several reports of issues with Pure Calendar integration.  Just to be clear, the integration is only supported in the paid version of the app (which some of you are reporting is not functioning completely).  I will investigate this issue this evening and if it is repeatable will release a fix shortly afterwards.

There is also another issue in v1.2.2 with force close when using the back button from the task detail screen (if there was a screen orientation change on the task edit) – I have reproduced this and will issue a patch tonight too.

Apologies for the introduction of these issues, I will adjust my release testing plan to include these additional cases.


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  1. Anthony Graham permalink

    Hello, I’m not sure where feature requests should go but…

    I know it’s already mentioned, but the collapsing of subtasks would be nice.
    Maybe with a subtask completed count like (2/5) on the end of the main task to show 2 of the 5 subtasks are complete.

    Also, could we see Goals in the tasks?

    And… When you create a subtask, the option to take the tags / folder / context from the parent (maybe with a checkbox “as parent task” that we can tick during creation).

    Love it so far though, can’t believe how fast this app is progressing, bought it last week and bought toodledo because of this app.. keep it up.

    – Anthony

  2. Anthony Graham permalink

    Actually, make that a button to copy from the parent, then you still have the option to add or remove tags.

    – Anthony

  3. Tom Connolly permalink

    Please fix bug when I add a number that includes either dash or period into notes field on droid and close the task I can no longer edit the notes field again on droid. The number becomes a blue active link. Then I must go into toodledo via pc browser to edit the number out of the note.

    Love the software!

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