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v1.2.3 Released

June 7, 2010

I have released fixes for the Pure Calendar issue and the Force Close on task details back to task list transition.

I have added one small, but much requested feature in this release too:

  • On the task detail screen, press the menu button to see options for COMPLETE and DELETE

I have extended my release testing plan to ensure that these errors will not be repeated.  Thanks for you patience.


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  1. jinesh udani permalink

    You Rock !! Thank you for making quick fixes.

    I am really happy that you included both my recommendations quickly. This will make my life simpler and more productive. Thank you.

    Cheers !!

  2. Sharp permalink

    Yes, it works perfect again! Thank You!
    I hope You change today date color to green like overdue red date.

  3. Anthony Graham permalink

    Just had a force close on this latest version, I wasn’t even in the app (but had been), was in the android news app and got the force close for Got To Do.

  4. Ngan Nguyen permalink

    My got to do task won’t sync to my pure calendar widget after the new update, help!

  5. Ingo permalink

    Thank you for the Mark Complete inside the detail view!

    Now if I could only find the update on the Market – unfortunately, I updated to pre-release Froyo and so don’t see “protected” apps anymore until Google adds a new certificate.

  6. james permalink

    Is there a widget without Pure Calendar? I’m not getting one in the widget list.

    • james permalink

      never mind. got it after a reboot

  7. Glenn permalink

    I’m finding this agonizingly slow now. Takes at least 5 seconds per action for me. Eg to add a task, change the folder, priority and star will take over 20 seconds in waiting for app. Way too long for me.

    I’m a pro user For this app and toodledo. I (need to) have about 500 tasks. Seemed much faster before toodledo hook up. Suspect either live connection to toodledo or perhaps issue with how code connects to DB?

    Can I get hold of 1.22 to see if it was better?

    Thanks, glenn

    • This is nothing to do with the number of tasks (I test it upto 1000 with each release). The behaviour you describe is a force-close that is causing the app to freeze – it logs these with Flurry so that I can monitor issues and pro-actively release fixes. There are several minor issues in v1.2.3 that I have addressed in v1.2.4 which will be released shortly. I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.

      • Glenn permalink

        Hmm – strange… it’ was lightning fast on the same hardware before I linked it up with toodledo.

        Oh well – I EAGERLY away this new release. I’m using the web interface to add tasks at the moment because it’s quicker! Crazy 🙂

        When is the fix due?

        A fix to this… plus adding saved searches and I’ll be all set 🙂


  8. Don permalink

    Please offer a sunday start day for the week. otherwise loving it.

    • There will be a configuration option in the next release to allow Sunday to be the first day of the week for those that prefer this.

  9. david permalink

    exite toodledo en español??

  10. donald permalink

    The app is not sending changes with toodledo after the first sync? (android 2.1 evo)

  11. neil wolstencroft permalink

    Hi, is there anyway of bulk deleting completed tasks? I would like to be able to quickly purge completed tasks from phone.


    • See the FAQ – I have added the answer there as several people have asked

  12. mark permalink

    Is there any way not to see tasks with future start dates less than one month from within lists (ex…a folder list) like you can do on toodledo)????

  13. Cody permalink

    Configuring Hotlist “Due Date Within” doesn’t seem to do anything, I set it for 2 days and still see stuff due next week. Same goes if “Use Local Settings” is off, my Toodledo account is set for 2 days and I see stuff next week still.

    • Parker permalink

      I’m having the same problem trying to configure the hotlist.

  14. I just added this update and have lost the functionality to choose the notification sound for reminders. Please bring this back! Thanks.

  15. I just did the new upgrade and lost the functionality to choose the notification sound for the reminders. This was incredibly helpful to be able to distinguish it from a text or voice mail or other notification. Please bring this back. Otherwise I really like this application. It is the best I’ve found. Thank you!

  16. Voytech permalink

    I have FC all the time with this version on HTC Desire with latest firmware.

  17. mezzz permalink

    Great app for what I need to do. Would be perfect if you could add the current date to the top of the widget.

  18. Voytech permalink

    Well, I did reinstall completely installation and now it works fine. Strange… Otherwise, brilliant!

  19. Bill Geier permalink

    suggestion. add the day of week to the date fields on the task entry screen.

  20. Paul permalink

    Toodleoo has a notes section in addition to the
    ToDo lists. Are there any plans to synchronide
    The notes as well? Many thanksfor a great app.

    • Yes, it is on my list of additions, with better tag support, and goals too

  21. I enjoy to clear my tasks with “Got To Do.” It helps my life. Thank you very much!!

  22. mike permalink

    Is it possible to have folder default to current or parent folder when adding a new task or sub task?

  23. Kyle permalink

    First, I love this app and use it everyday. Thanks so much for providing us with such a diverse task manager.

    Do you have plans to offer a white (or other) background as opposed to black? For me it’s easier to read. Thanks again.

  24. Holger permalink


    I’ve updated my Acer Liquid with the new ROM (Eclair).
    After that Got to do doesn’t start anymore. Force Close.
    I’ve diabled Goto to do in Pure Calendar widget already but the error reoccurs.

    Thanks in advance

  25. davidf permalink

    hi thanks for the great app – well worth the purchase. A great feature of the toodledo website is the ability to set relative due dates (eg. tomorrow, in 1 week). Could you add this feature soon please?

  26. madasaboxoffrogs permalink

    Great app, would love a bigger widget though.

  27. Keith permalink

    If a phone number or digits appear in the Notes field the app assumes that you are dialing it and you can’t edit the note.

    Love the application.

  28. Rick permalink

    When creating a new task with this client, the start and due dates and times are not showing up at

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  29. is the data encrypted in this app and on toodledo pro??? also why cant i start a subtask fro client side? am a pro user

    • If you have a paid version of the app and a TD Pro account, then long click on any task that is not a child and you should have the option to add a subtask

  30. tangshaowan permalink

    i like it!

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