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v1.2.4 Released

July 20, 2010

Sorry there has been less activity on releases in the last month, but work, World Cup and holiday have kept me busy. After this release I will be aiming to do another one in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Headline feature in this release:

  • Addition of filter on start date!  So many of you have been asking for this, you can now switch this on in
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Future Task Filter -> Hide Future Starting
    Make sure that you also configure the related setting to an appropriate value:
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Future Task Filter -> Hide Starting After
  • Allow Sunday to be the first day of week, Monday is the default
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Sunday is first day
  • Changes to All Active, Inbox, Completed, so that future start/due date filtering is disabled on these lists

Plus usual handful of bug fixes, see the release history for full details.


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  1. James Leo permalink

    Thanks for the update! Are there any plans to incorporate a default setting so that when you are adding a task while already in a particular folder, that task is included in that folder without having to manually select it?

  2. yes, it will be in the next release – will work for context/folder and the new status list too

  3. Vernon White permalink

    I purchased your app about 6 weeks ago. I have not used it yet. I have the following concern: I believe that ToDo items are deleated 3 months post completion. I payed for the level of service on Toodledo to keep all of my completed items indefiinitely. It is improtant for my business to be able to refer back several years.
    When “Got To Do” deletes the old completed items are they deleted just on the Android device or are also deleted on the Toodledo website?

    • I am sorry that you are still experiencing these issues, I will email you directly to try and diagnose your speed issues.

    • only deleted from the device, not ToodleDo. They will only be removed from the device if confirmed as synced.

  4. Rick permalink

    Thanks for the option to make Sunday the first day. I got tripped up on that quite a few times.

  5. Glenn permalink

    Unfortunately this has not resolved my main issue – this brilliant app is still impractically slow for adding tasks.

    After my response to the 1.2.3 release you responded “The behaviour you describe is a force-close that is causing the app to freeze – it logs these with Flurry so that I can monitor issues and pro-actively release fixes. There are several minor issues in v1.2.3 that I have addressed in v1.2.4 which will be released shortly. I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.”

    Please be advised that 1.2.4 has NOT fixed the problem. It’s still taking me 30 seconds to add a task by the time I wait 6 seconds for each change.

    Can I do anything to help having this resolved?

    Thanks, Glenn

    • Bernhard permalink

      Glenn, are you using a Samsung Galaxy S by chance?

      • Glenn permalink

        I’m on an HTC Desire, actually.

    • Bernhard permalink

      see. had the problem on the Galaxy, but with the lag-fix workaround it works fine.
      but since 1.2.4 I get force closes that are only remidied by reinstalling or restoring got to dos app data from a titanium backup. then it works for a day and starts FCing again. maybe something to do with pure calendar?

  6. Dave permalink

    Don’t worry too much about the down time, I still think you’re one of Android’s best developers. Keep it up!

    • Glenn permalink

      Hear Hear. It’s a slick app, fersure.

  7. David Montgomery permalink

    I would add to your Hide Future Starting instructions advice to then select a “Hide Starting After” value. I didn’t notice this setting at first, and assumed that checking the “Hide Future Starting” checkbox would hide any future tasks. It didn’t. I’m not sure if it simply doesn’t work until you pick a “Hide Starting After”, or if it’s just that the default is a longer time period. Once I picked “Any Future Start” all worked the way I wanted.

    Thanks much for this update!

    P.S.: For me the thing I would like to see sped up is the changing of the context of a newly entered (in-the-process-of-being-entered) task. Just did half a dozen or so such edits, and it ranged from 5-30 seconds from the time I picked a context to the time the context picker went away, with the median being around 15 seconds. I would so much like this to be near instantaneous, like it is when using the picker for the “Hide Starting After” setting. I’m guessing what I’m seeing is network latency. Perhaps you could save it locally, queue something to push the update to toodledo, and immediately return to the app (close the picker).

    • Thanks for the suggestion – i have edited the post to make it clearer for others.

      Context selection: How many contexts do you have? What is taking the time – displaying the list initially, or scrolling through it to find the one you want – or both? There is no network latency, all data is stored locally and sync’d in the background when network is available.

      • Glenn permalink

        It sounds to me like David Montgomery is experiencing the same issue I’m facing.

        David could you confirm that changing the settings for folder / context / status / priority / starred ALL cause the same sorts of 5+second delay for you?

        Thanks, Glenn

      • status / priority are not loaded from the local database, they are statically compiled lists – there should be pretty much no scope for these to be slow in displaying, 99% of the code to get these displayed is Android itself. Can you just confirm you mean those 2 as well as context/folder (which are loaded from the database and therefore have much more of my code involved), my nexus one is happy with 20 of these – what sort of number of contexts/folders do you have?

      • Glenn permalink

        (Apologies for the lenthy post).

        The short answers is that they are not slow in displaying, they are slow in saving the change. And yes that applies to status and priority.

        Here’s a full test “script” with the results:
        HTC desire turned off and back on unlock, login.
        Load Got To Do from widget
        [Plus sign] top corner. IMMEDIATE.
        Type in task name. IMMEDIATE.
        Hit [OK] button. 8 SECOND DELAY.
        Hit the star icon top left. 5 SECOND DELAY.
        Hit [Priority Med]. Popup INSTANT.
        Select “Low”. 5 SECOND DELAY until select box goes away.
        Repeated, with same results (Ie re-selecting current value no quicker)
        Hit [Status ]. Popup INSTANT. Hit hardware [<-back] button. INSTANT.
        Hit [Status ]. Popup INSTANT.
        Select “Active”. 5 SECOND DELAY.
        Hit [Folder ]
        Select “Personal”. 11 SECOND DELAY.
        Hit [Folder Personal]
        Select another option. 11 SECOND DELAY.
        Hit [Context ]
        Select “ANYWHERE”. 8 SECOND DELAY
        Hit [Context ANYWHERE]
        Select “ANYWHERE”. 8 SECOND DELAY
        Hit Tags. Enter “delegate”.
        Scroll and Hit [OK] with hardware button. 5 SECOND DELAY

        Changing start date = 8 SECOND DELAY
        Changing start time 22:00 = 11 SECOND DELAY
        Changing due date = 8 SECOND DELAY
        Changing due time 4:00 = 8 SECOND DELAY
        Changing start time 22:04 = 6 SECOND DELAY
        Change repeat = 7 seconds
        Change reminder = 9 seconds

        Checked toodledo with a search for the job title – not there yet (confirming latency no the cause for my own peace of mind – I’m an ex developer 🙂

        Add a note, hit [Cancel] = INSTANT.
        Add a note, hit [OK] = 10 SECOND DELAY
        Hit the hardware back button (I know of no other way to save/exit). INSTANT.

        Find job: hardware search button, type in and hit search icon. INSTANT.
        Changed one setting.. 8 SECOND DELAY.
        Hold finger on job, select DELETE from popup. 8 SECOND DELAY.

        Test Stopped.

        I hope that thorough test helps. Let me know if you needs something else tested.

        Re your questions of counts of :
        Folder: 4
        Context: 14
        Tasks: 603 (toodledo) 541 (Got To Do). Not sure why discrepancy…

        Hope that helps 🙂

        Cheers, Glenn

      • That is perfect! Thanks for the detailed test – it does seem that all your delay is when the app ‘saves’ the change to the local DB. There is no netowork activity at this point, changes are sync’d to TD in the background on the schedule you have configured.

        The discrepancy in total tasks is probably completed tasks being lower on the app – it purges completed tasks (once they are sync’d to TD) after a certain time (see you settings) from the device to try and keep database size down. I will try to setup a TD account at the scales you have here and see where i get to. Do you know how much free space you have on your main device store (max size/free size) – not the SD card.

      • Glenn permalink

        You’re welcome! Thanks for the attention 🙂

        Yes, definitely seems to be on save. I agree network latency is ruled out then. It also feels a bit like indexing/paging but that’s from my experience in a completely different environment. I know nothing about android development.

        SD & Phone Storage: Internal Phone Storage: Available space = 16.00MB
        (SD & Phone Storage: SD card: Available space = 1.34GB)

        Re discrepancy on numbers – thanks for the tip. It’s set at a week so quite likely, thanks. 🙂

        Cheers, Glenn

      • Well, 16MB free on the device doesn’t sound like very much at all – it is a total guess to suggest that freeing up some space there might give the OS (& SQL Lite) a better chance of perfoming. I will setup a test with 600 tasks, but my nexus (the one I test on before releases, the emulator just doesn’t give a realistic performance) has 117MB free on Internal Phone Storage. Watch this space.

      • Glenn permalink

        Ok, good though. I’ve cleared what I can… now at around 40MB. I checked a couple of things and I don’t think it’s noticeably different… still 5-9 seconds for changes.

        I’ll be watching eagerly 🙂


  8. mike permalink

    Is printing possible using printshare or send2printer?

  9. Frank permalink

    Thanks for the great work.. It is a great app and getting better with every new release.

    Keep up the good work and make some more marketing for the app… It is far better than RTM or other apps and not that well known yet =)

  10. IanB permalink

    The implementation of Future Start Date filtering is a disappointment, because of the way you have excluded the All Active view from the filtering. To me, a task with a future start date is ‘not active’ by definition, and I would want to be able to exclude it from the All Active view.

    • I understand your issue, my thinking was that if I apply the filtering to *all* lists, then there is no way to access tasks which are filtered out by start date – until they pass their start date and become visible. If people would rather have this list filtered and are happy to switch the setting if they ever need to see the tasks, then I can easily apply the filters to this list.

      • Dave permalink

        Sorry I didn’t see this comment before I posted my own… the solution to this problem, instead of trying to find a setting that makes everybody happy for every folder, is to make switching the filter on and off easier to do. It’s too many taps to go into the prefs to do it.

      • Thank you! it is of course obvious now you say it! I will move the setting and allow it to apply to All Active (will still leave it off completed and inbox).

  11. Diane C permalink

    This app is such a great help in using the GTD system. I would like to be able to filter for several contexts at once. E.g., if I’m at work I could see Phone, Computer and Office contexts combined and then sort the combined list by priority. Thanks for all your great work!

  12. Dave permalink

    Thanks for the filter on start date, but it’s tedious to go to the app settings to get at it. It would be much more useful if it could be accessed through the regular filter dialog.

    Just my 2c…

  13. Todd permalink


    >Plus usual handful of bug fixes, see the release history for full details.

    Would it be possible for you to put a link to the release notes in your blog posts announcing future releases? I was excited about the new version and wanted to learn about all the changes, but reading this announcement on my G1 triggered this site’s mobile mode, and it doesn’t give you the choice to click on the Release History tab (or at least I couldn’t see it without switching to “full” mode — and it took a while for me to figure out how to do the switch).

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Diane C permalink

    ALL of my tasks have disappeared completely twice in one week. Once the day before the new release. I reloaded from ToodleDo. Then I installed the new release promptly. But today they have all vanished again. I can reload them again, but I’ve added some since the last sync which are now lost. I can’t have this. I’m on a Moto Droid, on the latest official release (have not switched to Froyo, in other words). Please help!

  15. Tim permalink

    Pro version
    My summary screen settings don’t seem to want to stick. I want to display Today and Tomorrow separately, but the Today/Tomorrow filter keeps replacing them between uses.

    Is this a bug?

  16. Rupert permalink

    Last week I asked for a feature that would make a huge difference in my ability to manage the some 80-100 tasks I’m currently tracking with GotToDo. Less than a week later you’ve posted the feature AND given us the ability to customise it!

    I will be recommending you and your software to anyone who comes near me – thanks very much for some great work!

    P.S. I’ve found a bug when you return to the summary screen using the back button. It only seems to happend from time to time and I’m pretty sure it only happens when you’re in landscape mode (i.e. got the phone on it’s side). I’m on an HTC Desire BTW.

  17. Erik Nieslsen permalink

    I may have found a bug. The “today/tomorrow” list does not filter all tasks.that are due. For example, I actually have four tasks due today but the list only shows one take as being due. It is possible that this is a problem with sub-tasks?

  18. Mark permalink

    Thanks for all the effort on developing this application. Just a quick note to say that I too have had a couple of force closes that clear all my tasks. Not too difficult to get back from Toodledo but have to recreate all my Task Templates from scratch each time. As I had created them over time as needed, I still have not remembered all of the ones I had set up or precisely how I had set them up through trial and error. Some way to back up application settings to the sd card would be a dream come true just to allow for mitigation against issues.

  19. Beth permalink

    Something I just figured out, maybe a bug, maybe how it’s supposed to work? When I clicked the checkbox “Hide future Due” I thought all tasks with future due dates would be hidden. I found that I had to add start dates to my tasks with due dates in order for them to be hidden. Perhaps a selection of “any future due” to the “Hide Tasks Due After” dropbox is what I needed?

  20. Neal permalink

    Hi, I am a new customer and really like the app. I have noticed a problem where it won’t sync over 4G on my EVO. It works fine on 3G and WiFi. It says there is no network available while other apps work fine. I’d appreciate your looking into it.

  21. susheel permalink

    Is there a pay version?

  22. Mark permalink

    Since updating to Froyo on HTC Desire I am unable to sync with Toodledo. The message “Synchronisation failed: key did not validate” appears. Not sure how to reinstate a working copy or if it is even possible at the moment. Also noted that Got to Do does not seem to be in the market only the lite version (I was going to try uninstalling and reinstalling but it is nowhere to be found). Any advice gratefully received.

  23. Charles lewis permalink

    Is it possible to modify the default entry to change the level and not have the item starred?

  24. Michelle permalink

    First of all, thank you for a fantastic app! I have tried countless GTD apps and this one is by far the best! I have made my decision and I’m sticking with this one.

    I have just upgraded to the paid version but it appears to be an entirely separate app from the lite version, thus none of the tasks I created in the lite version show up in the paid version. Is there some way I can migrate all of my tasks to the paid version without creating a Toodledo account? I am not really interested in synching with Toodledo, but if that’s the only way to move my tasks to the paid version, I guess I can live with that. I will wait to hear back from you before proceeding with anything. Thanks!

    • well you can create a free toodledo account, sync your lite version with that. Then install paid version of the app and sync the paid version with Toodledo. Then switch off syncing. Other configurations/templates will have to be recreated in the new paid app, they are not sync’d with toodledo. The 2 separate apps thing is the only way to have free/paid versions of apps at the moment.

  25. do u have a twitter

  26. reiziuh permalink

    Hello, thanks for developing the great softs. 🙂

    I have brought the program at 2010-4-7. And I updated it to 1.2.3 about a month ago. But I can’t update to 1.2.4. It disappears in android market, only lite version is still there.

    Is it a problem of android market, or caused by somethingl else. Waiting for you answer, thank you.

  27. Manu permalink


    I just saw that French translation is not fully updated or erroneous, so I’m offering you to translate some of them.
    Just drop me a mail.

  28. steven brill permalink

    please add support for tags

  29. Diane C permalink

    I am no longer able to sync with Toodle Do. When I try (manual sync, local changes win – which is the way I’ve always done it), I get a message that says “Synchronization failed: That folder already exists.” Using Moto Droid, 2.1 update 1. Thanks for any help.

  30. claudio permalink

    Please, why in italy I cannot find your app in the Market?

  31. Charles lewis permalink

    What are the Criteria for”next action”? I have four items showing up there and they don’t seem to have much in common.

    • Charles lewis permalink

      Just found the answer. It should have been obvious. I must have been asleep at the wheel.

      Thanks for a great app!

      • Thanks! – glad you have sorted this out – it is all related to the status value you have set for each task

  32. Augustus Loi permalink

    2 Things:

    1) When I change the Due Time on a task to 19:00, it shows 06:00 PM when the pop-up time selector closes, and the sync’d time on Toodledo is 6:30 PM.

    2) Would be nice to be able to use the various Toodledo Due Time variations such as Optionally Due On.

    • 1) Which country are you in? What is you timezone offset from GMT?
      2) Currently the time variations are not supported in the app – I may well add them in the future.

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