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v1.2.5 Released

August 10, 2010

Headline features for this release:

  • Added Someday status list
  • Added a “By Status” breakdown list – same as folders/contexts but with task status
  • Add support for setting context/folder/status if a task is specifically added from a task list where these are known.
  • BUG FIX – added support for recognising 4G networks (froyo only) – untested, need feedback on whether this works now.
  • Added ‘Next Action’ to list of startup screens
  • BUG FIX – widget now honours start date filtering
  • ‘All Active’ now honours start/due date filtering
  • Hotlist now does not filter on start date (use the additional start date filtering setting to achieve this now) – should mirror ToodleDo hotlist exactly now.
  • Quite a few bug fixes see Release History for details.

I have not had time to get the local backup to SD card working for this release, it is underway – If you have any doubts please make backups from the TD website in any number of formats that they provide.


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  1. Billy permalink

    Twice now Gottodo has deleted all my tasks just after I added new folders. So now I only add new folders from Toodledo, never from Gottodo. The first time it deleted all the tasks in Gottodo, it also wiped out Toodledo when it synced. The second time I pulled the battery to prevent a sync, and made a backup in Toodledo, etc. I’m on a droid.

    • A couple of others have reported this issue, but you are the first to link it to the creation of new folders. I have been trying hard to reproduce this, without success. Did you at any point delete a folder from the app?

      • Diane C permalink

        Now that I read this thread, I realize that my task disappearance also happened after creating new folders in gtd. I later encountered the error msg when syncing that I mentioned before. I had somehow created folders with duplicate names, however, when I deleted the extra folder in gtd, it did not solve the syncing problem and I continued to have the error msg. The only thing that resolved that problem was clearing all data from gtd and reloading from Toodle Do.

    • >> The first time it deleted all the tasks in Gottodo, it also wiped out Toodledo when it synced.

      That part sounds rather suspicious. I don’t know about GotToDo of course, but for Toodledo this would require an API call for every delete. So the only way that could happen is if GotToDo somehow “mass flags” items for delete (or mistakenly thinks items are flagged for delete while looping through them). Is there any point at which more than one item can get flagged for delete, under normal working conditions?

      Might sound silly, but that bug is effectively preventing me from getting an Android phone! 🙂

      • You are correct about the API needing a delete call for each task. GotToDo ‘soft deletes’ tasks on the device and then once the delete is confirmed as sync’d it will remove the local copy.

        There are no places that I loop through tasks to delete them en masse. The sync manager makes a query onto SQLite ‘where deleted=1’ – so it only operates on tasks which have been soft deleted.

  2. Jurie Otto permalink

    Feature requests:
    1. Adding an order to tasks.
    2. Automatically changing the first task in a folder’s status to “next action”

    I have seen this in another very awesome todo application. Unfortunately that todo application only worked for iPhone.

    The use case is as follows: You frequently look at all your next actions and as you do them (doing a lot of projects/folders at the same time), you just tick them off. This just replaces those completed tasks with the next task.

    Thanks for the automatic assign to context/project feature that was implemented in the latest release. In significantly decreases the amount of clicks a user have to do.

    • 1. You can set a sort order per list (that is remembered) by going to the list and pressing ‘v’ button in top left and then selecting ‘sort order’
      2. I have steered clear of such things – so many people prefer to have a different way of working to this, I have gone for leaving it up to the user. Also, with ToodleDo there is no inherent/saved order of tasks within a folder (or even a parent and its subtasks) which makes working out which task should be next impossible at this stage.

      Hope that helps, thanks for your feedback


      • Jurie Otto permalink

        1. What I mean by the order is to be able to organize the list of tasks in a folder in the order of which it has to be executed.
        2. The other iPhone application that I speak of, also synchronized to toodledo even though toodledo doesn’t save the order. So yes, you’ll have to store the order internally for such a feature.

        Thanks for the speedy reply. It was worth a shot. 🙂

    • Diane C permalink

      I would really use this feature, too.

  3. Hartl permalink

    Is it possible to add a light theme in order to switch between the the black and a white theme?

    • Kyle permalink

      Yes, please add a white/light theme! I had asked before and glad to see others interested.

  4. aproposnix permalink

    do you plan on adding font customization (i.e., larger fonts) to one of the next releases? It’s the one thing keeping me away from gtd.

  5. Jurie Otto permalink

    1. Sorry just to make sure I am clear. I am referring to the order of tasks in a folder.

    • Brad permalink

      What she means here is the notion of sequential tasks that need to be performed in order versus parallel tasks that can performed in any order.

      With sequential tasks, the 1st action in the list is inherently the “next action” and by completing the action, the next item becomes the next item.

      This only applies to projects though, so if you are syncing with ToodleDo, you would need to do if figure out a way to determine the order/hierarchy of subtasks. I have used that “other” task manager extensively and used that feature a lot.

  6. Captylor permalink

    I’m not sure whether the others are seeing this problem other than me.

    When I tried to set the start time/end time for a task, the data populated is always one hour behind what I have set e.g. if I set the time to 11:00 hrs, what is displayed will be 10:00 hrs instead.

    I’m using a Nexus One running Froyo.

    • Kevin permalink

      Exact same problem here. Nexus one running CM6.

  7. taa permalink

    Clicking on the link for Release History gives me 404 error. Mobile Site setting is ON.

  8. taa permalink

    Is there a way to edit existing notes on tasks?

  9. Chris K permalink

    Unfortunately unusable in update mode for me. 20 seconds to update any field (whether new task or update existing). I’ve done a complete reinstall and no better.

    Samsung galaxy s – android 2.1

  10. Sascha permalink

    I use the paid version. Where can I find an option to configure the reminder sound? I got only a visual notification (not by LED) but no sound 😦

  11. Sascha permalink

    Okay – sound works now – but there is not notification by LED 😦

  12. jeff permalink

    Repeat weekly and repeat weekly (completion) are acting the same way,i.e. repeat on completion.
    Also,can you include a ‘start today/tomorrow ‘ list?
    great app otherwise!

  13. jeff permalink

    Oh! And a estimated time option would be cool too.

  14. Jeff permalink

    I tried to post this yesterday, but apparently, it didn’t go through….
    Is there any way to have a “Start Today/Tomorrow” list based on Start dates? Also, how about an option for estimated time (like on TD)?
    Otherwise great app!

  15. Scott permalink

    Every time I enter a task it deletes it. I’ve been messing with this all day and nothing is saving. What is causing this?

  16. Jason permalink

    Are you looking at syncing with Toodledo Notebook anytime in the near future? Having this on my Android phone would be HUGE win.

  17. Ryan permalink

    Any eta on multiple context and folder selections? Very much looking forward to that. Thanks for all the work on this app (pro user).

  18. dan k permalink

    I love this but have one complaint, or question – with future tasks hidden, there seems to be no way to see future tasks – using any of the views. I have to unhide future tasks, do a search, then re-hide future tasks. Am I missing some thing? Otherwise, a great product!


    • MikeG permalink

      I don’t think you’re missing anything at all, Dan. I actually have a big problem with the fact that I want to hide future tasks until they come up, but can’t view them unless I unhide everything.

      Please fix!!! This does not match the toodledo hotlist at all. In there, I can hide future tasks from the hotlist alone, and view them anywhere else I want to. The “All Active” section should definitely not honor the start date filtering.. that does not make any sense. Neither should the context/tag filters…

  19. Ana permalink

    Recent convert from iPhone, the app I used on it had the ability to email a task – something I can’t seem to do from the Toodledo website. Is that a functionality that can be added for this app? I’d also be interested in the white background.

    Great product by the way!

  20. Joe permalink

    Hello, just a some sugestions.
    1) To be able to link a contact to a task or a create a task from your call history with a long press.

    2) Sync to Google Calender when dates & times are givin or sync to HTC Calender. (This would help as I use Got To Do because HTC Calender does not let you input text with the phone turned the long way with a full qwerty keyboard.)

    3) Give the option to place the time of the task to show up in the pure calender widget.

    4) Or Create a Calender App that works with the Got To Do App so I can see my availablity for a new Appointment.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. claudio permalink

    I would ask to review the time required to collect the tasks. Got to do it’s becomimg slower and slower, as well documented previously. I use a htc tattoo.

  22. Terry Williams permalink

    The reoccuring/repeating part of task needs to be worked on. Such as weekend or weekday only, etc..

    Also, a popup option as part of the reminder would be nice.

  23. windrod permalink

    I want to add subtask below one task.
    I found screen shot that shows subtasks.but I can’t find add button or option in this app.
    I perchased this app today. this point make me dissappointed

  24. Andrew permalink

    Got To Do has proven to be invaluable to me and I’ve had no glitches (apart from a couple of force closes, but no big deal). Really is a brilliant app and is my most frequently used.

    Only one thing has recently been a problem – my inbox when empty shows the number 1, as though there is something in it when there isn’t. When I add others to it, it counts up from this, i.e. when there’s one task it shows the number 2. Any advice?

    Android: HTC Desire.

  25. Something that’s killing my workflow a bit – when viewing filters, such as “Starred” or “Today/Tomorrow” only parent tasks are shown, never Tue subtasks if the attribute is set for the subtask.

    I will often use a parent task and set attributes on the subtaks (date due, etc). When I view “starred” and “today/tomorrow” I expect to see my subtasks as well. These are currently being ignored.

    Other than that – this is my most used app on the platform. It’s genius.

  26. Andrew permalink

    Got To Do has proven to be invaluable to me and I’ve had no glitches (apart from a couple of force closes, but no big deal). Really is a brilliant app and is my most frequently used.

    Only one thing has recently been a problem – my inbox when empty shows the number 1, as though there is something in it when there isn’t. When I add others to it, it counts up from this, i.e. when there’s one task it shows the number 2. Any advice?

    Android: HTC Desire.

    • Thanks for reporting this – my guess is it is an incosistency with filters between my counting in the summary and the actual list

  27. Chad H permalink

    Any chance of supporting toodledo’s locations?

  28. Does this app also work with qvga screen android phones? I cannot find it on the market (qvga motorola flipout, 320 x 240).

  29. Just encountered a minor bug. I was creating a new app, padding the title. Then the sync message showed up, so I guess it had performed the sync. But when the message faded, the part of the title I had already typed vanished, leaving me with the black title entry text box. I had to retype it from the beginning.

  30. John corwin permalink

    To dev,
    Just learning to use gtd and thought it included alarms that can be set.BUT CAN’T FIND please.thanks, john c.

    • Set a reminder on the task edit screen -> this is only possible if the task has a due date / due time

  31. Vince permalink

    Really enjoy the product. Wondering if there are any plans to support finding/listing to do info by “tags” from Toodledo?

  32. John corwin permalink

    First question:
    Can you explain what you mean by”contexts”?
    Second question:
    How can one change the alert ringtone?
    John C.

  33. Stephan permalink

    Hi, one question: the widget seems to show only the first three tasks in landscape mode, even though there is enough space for 5 or 6. In portrait mode it shows 6 and there would be space for 7. Is this deliberate? I’d prefer to show as many tasks as fit into the widget (portrait mode is ok, but in landscape I’d really like to see more than 3).

    But that’s a minor thing, and in total I’m extremely happy.

  34. John corwin permalink

    second request for help.
    Have been keep unable to get got to do to alert me with an alarm. Or to configure a specific ringtone to this app.
    Please help.
    Thank you
    John c.

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