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v1.2.6 released

September 12, 2010

This release doesn’t introduce many changes, but it does now make full use of the new Android licensing service.   The benefits of this are:

  1. I have been able to remove the copy protection flag – which has caused so many issues with market visibility.
  2. Upgrading your handset/android version will no longer cause the app to disappear from the market – or worse, require you to buy it again!
  3. A reduction in the 70% piracy rate I see on my paid app (which I was staggered to see given the free version is fully functional and the paid version is a mere £2/$3)

I have also spent a lot of time implementing release build automation for the different variants, together with continuous integration setup and automated unit test runs – this was quite a bit of work, so apologies that there are not many changes to the app in this version, but the automation has made sure that build consistency isn’t variable!  See the release history for the list of changes.


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  1. taa permalink

    Can you provide a mobile-friendly link to the release notes?

  2. Vernon White permalink

    I understand that completed items over 3 months one are deleted.
    Is this just from the local Android database?
    or is this also from the web based Toodledo database?
    I purchased, but have not used the app yet because of this concern.
    It is important for me to save completed items for several years on the Toodledo database and have purchased the upgraded Tooledo account for that reason.
    I can live with local Android 3 month limits as long as they are not deleted from the Toodledo site.

    • Completed items are only deleted from the device – and they are not removed until their ‘completed’ status is sync’d to ToodleDo.

  3. Dave permalink

    Your note in the Android market about having to uninstall/reinstall seems to apply to more than just version 1.5. I’m running 2.2 on a Motorola Droid and had to uninstall/reinstall to get rid of the “This app is unlicensed” popup. Of course that wiped out all of my data – settings, task templates, everything. It took me almost an hour to get everything set up again. Trust me, there’s nothing to be gained by treating your real customers like criminals.

    • I can assure you that my *overriding* aim in making this change is to support my customers, not to alienate them. Unfortunately the issue that requires a re-install is one of Googles making and in this release I am trying to solve these. They provided a ‘copy protection’ flag which has many well documented failings which I was unaware of when I released my app back in march this year. If i had known the issues then that I am aware of now, I would not have ticked that innocuous little box on day 1. Google claim to have fixed all the issues that come with switching that off once an app was deployed with it ticked on – with the exception of Android 1.5 users (approx 3% of my users now) hence my warning on the app info in the market.

      With the release of their new licensing service, their claim is that you can switch off the copy protection flag now – which I did with last nights release. I have tested this as widely as is possible using the emulators provided and the 2 physical devices I have access to (2.2 nexus one, 1.6 magic). But ultimately I have had to do the release and trust in Google.

      Apologies for the trouble this has caused you, but hopefully for most users this will cure more issues (such as losing visiblity of the paid app once they upgrade their android version) than it causes.


  4. Mike permalink

    Love the app. Paid in full!
    No problems for me updating.
    HTC Incredible w/ Froyo.

  5. Kevin permalink

    Still have a bug where the due time displayed is always 1 hour earlier than the time set.

    Nexus one on cm6

  6. dave permalink

    Is there a way to filter by Tag?

  7. Alain permalink

    Hi, Andy and thanks for this great app. New user and was wondering if you would consider adding a choice of icons for the contexts ( see gtd app shuffle from which I just switched from to yours). Would in my opinion be a nice improvement.

  8. Mirko J. permalink

    I recently migrated from Palm OS and tested over 20 to do apps on Android before choosing Got To Do. I was very impressed by the ability to import tasks from a variety of sources (most competitors neglect this). The option to hide tasks until start date is also extremely useful and often overlooked.
    The crucial sort, filter, search functions are there too.
    For me, the only major issue is not being able to assign more than one category (context, folder) to a task. Many tasks can be done in more than one location, like at home and also at work – the app should be able to support this.
    Congrats on a great app and keep up the good work!

  9. Vladimir permalink

    Dear Andy,

    thanks a lot for your wonderful app. One short ux notice (may be already mentioned).

    Today I’ve opened the app and was really shocked – the majority of my todos has disappeared. I’ve checked my toodledo account – the items were there. I thought I am going crazy.

    The solution was – I had an active filter by context I forgot about 😉
    Is it possible to make a kind of indication/reminder that a filter or sorting is active? May be highlight the filter icon on the top pane?

    Thanks you for a very useful tool again.



  10. Vitomir permalink

    I have sortof expected this to work with contexts by location, but with GPS available on android phones, it would be nice if it could just detect where I am and filter the list by where I am, not needing me to manually filter. Check out the OpenLoopz – which does exactly that.

    With this feature this app would really be top of its kind! 🙂

  11. Best application design. The attention put into the presentation is what sets it appart from the competition.

    Only missing subtask support to make it the best.

  12. yaro permalink

    do you plan to do a sync with Android or Google calendar or even better with Outlook calendar?

  13. Kathryn Keller permalink

    I purchased this app about 3 weeks ago and then uninstalled it the next day before the 24 hours were up. I got an email saying that my card had not been charged, but I recently found out that this was not the case! I would like to repurchase the app, but I am not about to be charged twice for it. I am just assuming that this was some sort of error and not done intentionally, so I have not left any negative comments … yet. Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have sent you an email directly and am happy to resolve this with a refund – as per my email

      • Scott permalink

        I’ve have purchased ur app. But it wont save any of my tasks. As soon as I close the program they are gone. Please help!

  14. Vishal permalink


    I just installed Lite version from the market. The display is very small and I can hardly read the options. My device is Samsung Galaxy S. Please let me know how to sort it.


  15. seth permalink

    Is there any chance of getting Google voice input for main text field. Your main toodledo competitor DueToday has this feature, so I bought that app also. Otherwise yours is more feature rich and would like to use yours exclusively.

  16. nerdman4ever permalink

    Great App! Seems pretty robust but I’m curious to know if you plan on implementing nested folders. Right now you only have one level deep folders.


  17. Beaker permalink

    Great app!
    Can you have sub-tasks collapse visually into the major task with a press of the main task expanding the sub-tasks?

    I am trying the pro account of toodledo. I would like to see a simplified list on the widget and app with collapsed sub-tasks!

    I see sub-tasks as normal tasks via your widget and app currently. Please advise if I missed a setting.

  18. asker permalink

    my widget keeps disappearing from the desktop, and then isnt in the widget list anymore to select. rooted aria w/ froyo 2.2 cyanogen mod. asked via email a few days ago but no reesponse yet.

  19. hamo permalink

    hey there. Love the app. Couldn’t find a place to request a feature…so, any chance of adding a ‘postpone’ button, which changes the due date by 1 day? I enjoyed that feature on remember the milk.

    cheers, hamo

  20. Great app.

    A question: any ETA on the back-up to SD card functionality? I’ve just experienced a device failure, resulting in all my device content being lost inc all my ‘Got to do’ info. I don’t want to use the website, and so just would prefer to have the local back-up facility (and I’ll then ensure my SD card is backed-up somewhere).

    Can you advise?

  21. NeilG permalink

    How can I specify the sound to use for reminders? At present the app uses the same sound as when it notifies me of a new email.

  22. Arthon permalink

    Thanks for the great application.

    I understand that the app makes use of 2 master lists, one is “Contexts” and the other is “Folders”. They can be easily filtered or sorted within the app. And all other lists are just derivatives of these 2 master lists.

    But now I found the number of master lists are insufficient to cater for my (or many people) job nature. What I suggest is to add an additional master list called “Projects” or make use of the existing “Tags” to serve the purpose.

  23. Robert permalink

    i’d really like to pay for your app but unfortunately i don’t have a credit card (which is the only payment option i get). would it be possible to to something like paypal or such?

    • have a look at the FAQ on this site, you can buy the app from SlideME too.

  24. Steve permalink

    Love the app but have a major performance problem on the Galaxy S. Whenever I make a change to any task, be it tick complete, create new and add a name or due date, musicality anything, it takes ages fort my change to register. it seems like there’s a timeout number of seconds it waits for before finally modifying the task.

    Anyone else seem this? Have removed and reinstalled but no joy…

    • try v1.2.7 – I am hoping that this will resolve these performance issues

  25. Scott permalink

    I Have a Droid. Ur app won’t save any tasks i enter

    • Due your tasks have start/due dates? Do you have filtering on to hide tasks that are due/start in the future? Have you got any other filter (folder/context) applied?

      Are you sync’d with Toodledo – if so are the tasks showing up there?

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