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v1.2.7 Released – Task Edit, performance issue resolved

September 23, 2010

For some time now people have been reporting very poor performance from the app under certain circumstances.  v1.2.7 should hopefully address these issues.  It only applied to people using subtasks in Toodledo and therefore only applied to some paid users of Got To Do.

The performance of editing any task was decreased with every new parent task in the app.  The tipping point on the Nexus One was approximately 50 parent tasks, resulting in 2-3 second edit lag for any task (this is up in the 5-10 second range on Samsung Galaxy S / Moment / Vibrant – which all suffer from a well documented lag issue due to their internal SD memory and proprietary file system).

Please let me know if this release has improved your edit performance – if you are still having issues, please contribute to the discussions on the Google Group for the app.

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  1. Chris permalink

    Samsung Galaxy S, 2.1

    Update worked brilliantly. I can now use the app to update tasks, not just for viewing. (Task update gone from taking > 30 seconds per field to about a second).

    Excellent work.

  2. Paul Freeman permalink

    Can confirm that this fix is good on my HTC Desire running 2.2
    I can actually start to use the product now as update times were about 30seconds now less than 1

  3. Maurice permalink

    There is a notable improvement on my Nexus One. Good work!

  4. Jim permalink

    Still showing 1.26 in slideme.

  5. Junhao permalink

    When would this be released on Slideme? Just bought GotToDo Pro 1.2.6 and it’s darn unusable with subtasks, compared to the free version. =(

    • Sorry! I thought I had released it when I did the normal market – but looks like I uploaded but not published. Try now!

      • Junhao permalink

        Cool! And speedy now! On the famed Samsung Galaxy S too. =)

  6. Steve permalink

    The update improved performance dramatically on the Galaxy S Captivate going from > 5 seconds to virtually instant. Thanks.

  7. running latest version .aying member of both gottodo and toodledo. previously submitted issue with fonts beeing too small to read on moto droid (remains on 2.2) please help or direct to appropriate support lync this is the only app with said issue and it will cause me to abandone it entirely…has been open issue for over 3 months now screen shots have been sent.. please advise..

  8. Frank Harvey permalink

    Is there another way to purchase this app? Can we paypal you and get an apk file? I can’t seem to login to the android market to pay for the app.

    • Frank Harvey permalink

      Nevermind. Read the FAQ, found the alternate spot to buy the app. Was about to pirate an older version. This might help explain some of your 70% piracy rate. A lot of countries don’t get access to paid apps in the market. And a lot of the rest of us have to deal with bugs that prevent us from just buying the damn apps.

  9. okie permalink

    I am new to to this side and.can’t figure out how to get in to enter my tasks.

  10. JJH permalink

    Excellent product. I have the paid version as I am a heavy user of subtasks. I find myself accidentally marking tasks or subtasks as completed from time to time so a settings option to confirm a task completion would be helpful. Thanks.

  11. claudio permalink

    Andy,great job!! 🙂
    On my htc tattoo that sync with toodledo pro, now,our app is fast enough to collect the stuff you can meet everywhere.

  12. claudio permalink

    I re-downloaded 1.2.7 from slide me. Without problem!

  13. Jason permalink

    I have a Samsung Epic w/ ver 1.2.5. When I enter tasks via ToodleDo, it no longer updates my phone’s version. When I sync, it says “synchronization failed: that context already exists”. Please help!

  14. Alexander N. permalink

    It will be great, if you could made a checkbox in settings to make a 1 minute notification for all of my new tasks. It will be good for many people.

    • MMGG permalink

      i agree with this!!! without some auto setting of reminders in GTD I find myself REALLY wanting to switch to something else… even from toodledo…

  15. Janis permalink

    When I have multiple reminders, if I click on one then go back to the reminder screen, all of the reminders are dismissed. Is there a way to retain those I haven’t edited?

  16. curious user permalink


    Two ideas:

    1. Switching between screens via a horizontal scrolling

    ATM to switch to another screen (eg. from Due Today/Tomorrow to Overdue) I have to (HTC Dream):
    – push Menu
    – click Summary
    – click a given screen

    It would be nice to be able to switch to another screen using a horizontal scrolling. I think I saw this in gTasks.

    2. Move a Notes field up in a task edit form

    I’m constantly finding myself editing a Notes field. Since this field is put at the bottom of the form I need scroll there first – which gets quite annoying. It would be nice to move this field up – preferrably just after task title ;-).

  17. I work for a company that specializes in task management and organization. We have been preparing to use Got-to-do for our customers. However, 3 issues have come up.

    One: This most recent update causes G.T.D. to crash every time it goes to sync. As such, I have a none functional task list. (As I was typing this, it crashed again)

    Two: Tags. Your app doesn’t support them at this time. That is a strong deturant.

    Three: GTD does not send tasks to toodledo if those tasks were added before the first sync with toodledo.

  18. Andrew Oliver permalink

    there is no help screen to see if the problem is me or the program but when i put in an event it only took it onece now it lets me fill in all filds but it does not show up any where. so this program is virtully useless to me.

  19. xdjibi permalink


    Thank you for this nice application that is very helpful in organizing my “open loops”.

    I use the french version that is not fully localized.
    I have also found a couple of wrong spelling in french translation.

    Do you need any help with french translation?
    I would be very pleased to give a hand.

  20. NeilG permalink

    tried free version of Due Today then bought full version – love it

  21. Mike permalink

    I’m eagerly awaiting another update… Is there one coming soon?

  22. labalbi permalink

    1-Would be nice to increase font size.
    2-Would be great to have icons for contexts , like Shuffle.

  23. Kijan permalink

    Hey this app is incredible, i bought this app 1.2.4 can i update this for free to 1.2.7. I bought this on but i can’t see any link to update 😦

    Can you tell me how to do this ?

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