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v1.2.8 Released – Syncing updates

November 2, 2010

I was recently contacted by Toodledo about the syncing volumes/patterns that the app generates on their service.  Due to the background syncing checking roughly every 15 minutes, their site was experiencing very high peak loading for a couple of minutes every quarter of an hour.  I had a short email discussion, which resulted in Toodledo requesting some changes to the app that will help them manage their service better for all of their users.  This release addresses these requests.

  • Change appid in API calls, to allow proper tracking on ToodleDo
  • Remove 15 minutes sync interval, at the request of – anyone who has 15 minute interval will now be set to 30 mins
  • When a sync is due, add a random number of minutes 0-15 of delay, to spread load on TD servers.
  • Manual sync is unaffected by any of these changes.

I hope that these changes will not impact on your usage of Got To Do, but these were necessary to maintain a ‘well behaved’ relationship with Toodledo.  I am in discussion with the guys from Toodledo about their experiences (from their iPhone app) with syncing on application startup/shutdown and an hourly background check to ensure timely updates.  As they have just released v2.0 of their API, I will also be investigating the additions that this can bring to the app – including location support.

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  1. MikeG permalink

    Another thing to consider in the next update: I want to hide future tasks until they come up, but can’t view them unless I unhide everything.

    Currently, this does not match the toodledo hotlist at all. In there, I can hide future tasks from the hotlist alone, and view them anywhere else I want to. The “All Active” section should definitely not honor the start date filtering.. that does not make any sense. Neither should the context/tag filters…

  2. JariV permalink

    If the load comes every 15 mins, it would suggest that symc is done by clock. Changing this to 30 min will just increase the spike. Can you make it sync every 15 mins some random variable 1-15 for the 1st sync? This would even the spike to every minute instead of every 15 mins.

  3. Joe permalink

    I believe that active list should honor the not that what the filter is for, ie filtering a list?

    Perhaps there is an easier way but I use the Active list to view 2 task lists one for work and one for home using the filter and context to make the switch…

  4. dan k permalink

    I would agree with MikeG – to be honest, I use gottodo mainly to ENTER new tasks – i’m still pretty PC centric with Outlook, which I also sync to Toodledo – but I find it confusing to have so much trouble SEEING future tasks even if I SEARCH for them.

    My main view in outlook and toodledo is undated tasks and due tasks, sorted by priority, and I don’t think I can really get that view in gottodo. That would make it more useful.

  5. dant55 permalink

    nice app but i find it can get a bit confused when
    tapping on widget or after selecting reminder in drop
    down bar. can get stuck in blank screen

  6. claudio permalink

    I would introduce only the random delay to distribute the load . Every 30 minutes seems to be too much

  7. Hello, I’d like to use pure calendar widget as Got To Do’s desk widget, because the Got to do’s widget only has one style(3×2). i think more styles will be good, for example 4×4,4×3,4×2…etc.
    on another way, Could Got to do share more filter options with other widgets, not only floder,but also status. I have asked the pure calendar widget’s writer about my need of filtering got to do’s tasks by status,but he told me not,for got to do didn’t share the data.

  8. Vivien permalink

    I am now having sync problems, an error message flashes on the screen, it starts off ‘line one root element name…. cant get the rest, the message disappears too quickly.
    I will try again tomorrow

  9. dant55 permalink

    is it possible to have coloured notification icon?
    make it show up better

    and would be great if reminder option defaulted
    to on when entering date and time

  10. Keith permalink

    I need assitance as soon as possible…

    I was deleting an empty task from my phone using this (paid) app and half of my tasks dissappeared online and only about five are showing up on my phone…

    This took place at 8:00 PM EST today. Please assist!

    • samantha permalink

      I had the same problem when I deleted an empty task on gottodo. My 200+ list of tasks was completely wiped out, on gottodo, and toodledo.
      If you learned a way to recover those let me know. I am able to recover about 30 of them in toodledo’s ‘deleted tasks’ section but I have to re-type those ones all in manually. For now, I’m adding to my to-do list:
      uninstall gottodo. 😦

    • Jennifer permalink

      I was deleting a blank task on my phone this morning and it deleted ALL of my tasks.
      Version 1.2.8 on htc aria.

      When i hit delete, the button stayed green. After a few seconds I pressed delete again and everything was gone.

      Not sure if it deleted all on Toodledo as i Immediately set sync to manual.

  11. vivien permalink

    I have cleared all of my tasks and re-synced – it is working ok, still a bit slow but much better than when i first purchased the app.
    Thank you

  12. dant55 permalink

    Please can widget show priority marker such as a star or ! Char

    And is it possible to remove the yellow bar at left edge of text for more space

  13. John corwin permalink

    it would be nice to be able to organize list of folders in a personally chosen sequence ir at least alphabetically.
    john c.

  14. Vito permalink

    There is a MAYOR problem with the app syncing to toodledo.

    Dates are sometmes suddelny off by a day and times (due/start) are off up to 2 hours (1 or 2 hours).

    And there is no way of contact (email) to the developer, even for paid users.

    Please give us some info if something will be done soon, as as of now, this app is quite hard to use.

    There are two threads on the got to do google groups…. almost 14 days old…

  15. JohnS permalink

    I have a recurring task due every Monday at 8:00am. But today, it rang at 7:00am — probably due to the recent DST switch.

    Any ideas?

    If there is anything I can do to get this working again before you release a fix, please let me know. I thought I could probably restart the app, but I never see it running anywhere, which is a Good Thing, btw.

  16. hi
    is it possible to have a better date picker?
    ie one that shoiws todays date

  17. samantha permalink

    …I had the same mishap that Keith had. I deleted an empty task on gottodo, and the result was my ENTIRE task database was wiped clean. I had about 200 tasks, very obsessively organized, with subtasks, folders, etc etc. I cannot afford to lose that data again so I will have to uninstall gottodo until that bug gets fixed.

  18. Alan permalink

    For the past few days my Got to Do lite is not sync’ing automatically with Toodledo. I have it set for every hour. If I force a manual sync it works fine. Any ideas?

  19. Charles Bradley permalink

    This last update broke the sync with desktop and causes the app to crash all the time. It worked great before. Now it is unusable on the EVO. Please advise.

  20. Charles Bradley permalink

    >>Any<< attempt to sync crashes the app on my EVO. Please help. "Sorry! The application Got To Do (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again," My desktop is out of sync with handheld. Please help

  21. Charles permalink

    This release has broken the sync on my evo. The program crashes every time I sync. The items do not update. Everything was fine before this update.

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