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Bugs / Support / New Features – Official Tracking

November 25, 2010

I have setup a Redmine tracker to allow you to raise bugs/support issues/new features.  This will provide a more structured approach to keeping track of changes and features and will give you a place to track easily the changes that most affect you.  You will be able to see any prioritisation/planning/comments, which will hopefully provide a more transparent look into the work I am progressing on the app.

You do not need to register to raise new issues, but if you wish to comment / watch (receive emails on updates) / contribute to these issues, then you will need to register a user with an email address. If you are registered and signed in when you raise an issue, then you will automatically receive email notifications upon updates to the issue.  All notifications are configurable in the “My Account” link in the top right if you are logged in.

Here are some quick links: both of which will remain linked at the top of the homepage on this blog: Redmine Issue Tracker or Add an issue quickly

I have added the most recent issues into the tracker and will go back through email at a later point to gather up others, but please feel free to raise your issue if it is not already in the list!

Hope you find this useful


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  1. Steven Brill permalink

    Please set up an email address so we can email in notes and comments. That’s a great time saver, and the only thing that really works.

  2. Glenn permalink

    Fantastic – a big “thumbs up” for getting this in place.

    One question – How will this work when you start rewriting the app as version two? Is there a way to avoid them crossing over each other?

    • The v2 of the app will develop alongside the v1 versions and once stable will replace the v1 – all customers of v1 will get v2. I will probably release the early versions of v2 on the market as a free app, each version of which will have a 30 day lifetime.

  3. Michael McGuire permalink

    I love the app and use it all the time, but I’ve noticed lately that sometimes a repeating task will appear in your app but not on the Toodledo screen. This is rare (the syncing seems otherwise seamless), but it unnerves me when it happens. Any ideas?

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