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v1.2.9 released

December 2, 2010

Essentially a bug fix release, trying to catch up with issues raised during the last couple of months.

Full details of the list of changes can be seen here and the related bugs/features are shown in the Redmine Tracker RoadMap.

Headline fixes

  • The rare, but long standing bug that causes the deletion of tasks on the app and their subsequent deletion on Toodledo has been found and is fixed!  This is the same bug that is triggered when you try to delete an ’empty’ task.
  • Repeating task start date/time and due date time behaviours now mirror ToodleDo exactly.


  • Date/Time in task lists not displaying correctly since DST time changes.  I know what causes this and will fix this with the upgrade of ToodleDo API to v2.  For now you can fix this by clearing all the local data and resyncing from ToodleDo – see the notes in the Redmine issue for this. (Redmine Issue)
  • Time of tasks being changed upon entry in task details screen (not a general problem it seems).  The workaround for this is to go to the Phone Settings -> Date & Time Settings, switch off the Automatic – use network-provided settings and then Select the appropriate timezone.  If this causes the times to show incorrectly in the lists, then you will need to follow the instructions in the bullet above. (Redmine Issue)


Redmine tracking is making it easier for me to keep an more organised eye on what is going on, please register an account to comment on any issue or become a watcher on any issue.


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  1. Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my android and perfect
    a work in very nice.

  2. Lenny permalink

    Hello Is it possible to change the background color to white instead of black

  3. DerpDerp permalink


    Love your work! Just bought the app and am loving it.

  4. trudie permalink

    I saw that tag support was in the pipeline. Do you have any idea when it might be coming? I understand this isn’t your primary source of income and focus, but I was just curious. But you’ve got a great thing going, here! Tags would be SO helpful to me right now. Thanks!

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