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v1.3.0 Released

January 22, 2011

This release contains quite a few small additions that people have been requesting:

Full details of all additions can be found here:  Redmine Release Roadmap v1.3.0

Creating a task for a web page url from the browser.

  • Go to any web page in the browser
  • long click on the url in the address bar or long click on any link in a web page – choose ‘share link’ or ‘share page’
  • Select Got To Do from the list
  • Got To Do will open, with a new task created – the title of which will be page title if done from the address bar, blank if done from a link.
  • The notes in the task will contain the URL – which you can click on to open the web page at a later date

Share a task with any app that supports sharing

  • Got to the task details page for a task
  • Press ‘menu’ button
  • Select ‘Share’

Folder / Context Name Clash on Sync

  • This long standing issue is now resolved, you can no longer create multiple folders with the same name – capitalisation of folder names is not enough to make them different.
  • On upgrade to this release, if you have multiple folders with the same name then they will all have a number added onto the ends of their names to differentiate them.  You will need to logon to TD after you have syncd to edit the names and then sync again.

Start screen configuration allows you to select any screen now

New task sort orders added

  • Starred, Priority, Due Date
  • Priority, Starred, Due Date
  • Priority, Start Date (descending)

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  1. Kevin permalink

    I updated the app on my Droid X and now all my completed tasks show up in Pure Calendar. I can’t use it this way. Please fix

    • Jinesh Udani permalink

      1 for this issue.
      This release has completely messed up the Pure Calendar integration.
      This is a big bug and should be fixed asap to ensure that the application is still usable.

  2. Glenn permalink

    Thank you! I especially appreciate this mod: “Start screen configuration allows you to select any screen now.” That’ll help a lot.

  3. Paul Jones permalink

    Thanks A Lot for the sorting by STAR (and then …)

    This makes every difference to using GTD and Toodledo together ie both with the same sort order and with my must look at today tasks (ie starred) at the top


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