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v1.4.1 Released – Large Screen Support

February 13, 2011

Just released v1.4.1 – this now supports large screen devices – such as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I have specifically tested with the Samsung emulator – so am pretty sure all is well – but let me know if you see and issues with screen layouts on *any* device, they are all potentially effected by this release.

For those of you who had issues with 1.4 and widget integrations – 1.4.1 should resolve these

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  1. Dave permalink

    Glad to see you’re keeping up with the evolution of Android. I’ve got one odd thing going on though. On Motorola Droid, the tasks displayed by the 2×2 widget are now double spaced. Not a deal-breaker, but it doesn’t fit as many tasks now.

  2. Paul Jones permalink


    The double spacing if the tasks in the widget on my HTC Desire makes the widget makes it *much* less useful
    The number of tasks showing was always pretty much perfect on this widget, and the widget was pretty much perfect (although I would like to see no bold fonts, that’s no biggy)
    Looked for settings to change the spacing but nothing I could see.
    Hope we can revert to what we had before

    Thanks in advance


  3. Ken permalink

    Ditto the above comments. The old spacing was much preferred!

  4. Evan permalink

    Same widget issue on my DX. Love the app otherwise though!

  5. See PAUL JONES comment. He described it perfectly.

    Spacing on widget now shows half the items it used to. Bad show. 😦 This is a real spoiler of a lovely widget.

    Can I undo the update and get back to the last version?

    If this is necessary to support additional handsets, then at the very least you need to make the spacing an *option*.

    HTC Desire, Froyo.


    • The change in the spacing is a bug – I will look to fix it ASAP. It was not my intention to reduce the number of tasks displayed.

  6. houseband permalink

    I like this app. Is there a wider widget planned? I would apreciate a 4×4 version.

  7. Good news the widget spacing’s not intended, and ta for posting about it so quickly, DevPerson!

    As you’ll be fiddling with it anyway, could you try us on non-bold widget text too please? Also noted by somebody else above. Actually – Do I remember it used to be non-bold when I first bought it…? I might be making that up :-p

  8. Alan Pierson permalink

    I’m a big fan of this app and the widget. I’ve never had any issues in the past, but tracked down this forum when I saw that the new update reduced the number of tasks visible in the widget. Yeah, I miss being able to see more of my tasks in the widget.

    Actually, it would be great if the widget could scroll to display even _more_ tasks, though I imagine that would require a launcher (ADW or Launcher Pro) that supported scrolling widgets.



  9. It is likely other people have suggested. It would be great if got to do had voice recognition and we could capture ideas when we are driving…
    I think that you could use the voice recognition of google/android to do this.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your app

  10. It is likely that other people have suggested. It would be great if Gottodo had voice recognition microphone and could capture the ideas when we are driving …
    I think you could use voice recognition Google / Android to do that.

    What do you think?

    Thank you for your application

  11. Baruti permalink

    I am a Samsung Tab user and i am very happy to get full screen capabilities at last. Is there any possibility of getting the option of changing color schemes?

  12. stuart permalink

    Ditto comments on task spacing for me. Even though I’m a long time supporter it even made me consider astir but this is so much cleaner& nearer. Keep up the excellent work and your quick feedback is v much appreciated

  13. Chrissy permalink

    Hi! I have two questions. 1 – Is there an option to ad or link a contact to a GoToDo task? If not that would be a nice feature to incorporate. 2 – Is there an official user guide for this app that explains all of the functions available? If so can you provide a link please? A printable version would be excellent. If not, can you please make it available as soon as possible? Thanks very much! I Love this app and count

    • Chrissy permalink

      Sorry I hit “publish” before I was done. I was saying that I count on this app daily to keep me organized. Its one of the best! Thanks for your time and consideration!

  14. How we doing on this spacing fix, dev?

    If you can’t get to it any time soon, could you make the previous version available for download please? This big-spaces widget is bursting me :-p

  15. Marcus Widerberg permalink

    Sync Lockup – Issues

    I like this app but it does lockup when syncing in different instances, my example: Marking a task as completed, it seems to sync right away and GUI updates seem to be delayed and it becomes unresponsive. To reproduce, try in an environment with bad connectivity.

    I’m using galaxy s.


  16. Ramon permalink

    Maybe it is a good idea to have multiple widgetsizes to select from. Just like Jorte’s app.

    Like 1×1 2×1 2×2 3×3 3×4

  17. Love this application.

  18. ian permalink

    How do we back up got to do? The risk of so much data going astray is now critical

  19. Chris permalink

    Got to do is great. Been using for over a year on a droid. Just upgraded to a droid x and I can’t seem to find a version for the x. Help?

  20. ushui permalink

    Love this application

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