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Announcement: Future of GotToDo

March 17, 2011

In recent months I have been unable to devote much time to maintaining and improving Got To Do.  I can now explain that this was due to working on the negotiation and process of selling the company I am part of during my day time employment.  This successful sale is an exciting development in my professional life and is the second such startup that I have been part of and has been acquired by a larger company – so I already know that with any acquisition, comes increased workload for the following few years.   For this reason, I have had to make the decision to stop developing Got To Do, to concentrate all my efforts and hours on my new role.  I am very keen to find a way for the application to continue to grow and provide a service to all the dedicated users and customers that have supported, and I hope, enjoyed the application for the last 16 months.
Please contact me at to discuss any suggestions, I am open to every option as long as it offers a way for the application to continue.
I will be withdrawing the paid and free versions of Got To Do from the market (existing users will be unaffected by this) at the end of March – so I hope to have a continuation plan in place by that time.
Thanks for your support and apologies that I cannot continue to develop Got To Do.


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  1. John Przybytek permalink

    Good to hear about your success but not so good news about my favourite program. Hope things work out satisfactorily for everybody!



  2. Glenn permalink

    Certainly sad to hear this – my life just about revolves around this app.

    Happily it’s running pretty well at the moment… Would you consider making available the pro version as a standalone downloadable file just in case any existing customers like myself have to refresh their phone and reinstall?

    The only issue would be toodledo api mods that caused issues.

    Hopefully it can go opensource or something…

    Maybe the people at toodledo would take on your code as their own android offering?


  3. Dan Krevere permalink

    Someone has to pick up the continued support and development. It is a great product and a good potential revenue stream if it was converted to an annual subscription basis like Toodledo..

  4. Today I was telling myself: “This Got To Do is such a great app. I’m glad I’ve found something clever and well built to deal with my GTD tasks.” And tonight I open my email and read this. I’m feeling really unlucky. But I wish Andy all the best and thank him for the wonderful work he has offered us so far.

    • Dan permalink

      Today, I opened up the app with an enthusiasm recognizing how great a tool it is. I also found myself working Cathrine White of life balance would pick this up and integrate if with her “lifebalance” software releasing on both Android and i’s.

  5. Daniel permalink

    Happy for your opportunity. But on the other hand a bad news for us. I began to use this up recently (endeed I sent to you an email about the paid version). It would be good if the app continues available in case of a reinstallation. You dont know how helpfull has been the app for me. So thanks!!!

  6. Neil permalink


  7. Emilio permalink

    The suggestion to offer it to Toodle-do to adopt as their Android offering is a great one, since they’ve only had an iPhone app. Got-To-Do is a great app and I use it extensively; I rely on it constantly.

    Best of luck with your new endeavors.

  8. Why would you pull the free app from the market? Or even the paid one. As long as it still works, people should still be able to download it. Just state its “as is” and that it is currently unsupported. The software continues to work even if you are busy with other things. After all, that’s why you write software in the first place. So it keeps working even when you can’t.

  9. infernix permalink

    Please consider relicensing the source and releasing it under an open source license. I think that those who bought it (which includes me) deserve this if you cannot continue development. This way others will have a chance to fix problems in the future.


  10. James Leo permalink

    Any recommendations for other apps incorporating Toodoledo?

    Thanks for the great app and good luck.

  11. Diane C permalink

    Hi Andy – Thanks so much for the labor of love that gtd has clearly been. It’s a great app, and it helps so many of us. You have been a responsive and good developer to work with. I hope that either ToodleDo picks it up, or that one of the users of it who is also a developer will take it on (I know you are out there – step up)! Failing that, I like the idea of leaving it in the market “as is.” At least for as long as it is viable. Best of luck to you at work. Thanks again for everything.

  12. Rich Maclannan permalink

    Andy, could we talk? I’ve switched from iphone to Android, and relied on Toodledo’s iphone app to do the work. I’m tempted to try Got To Do, but was only last night thinking that I need to design something which works as well as the Toodledo App.

    If you’d be willing to discuss options of how this could be developed, then please let me know.

  13. Mirko permalink

    Thanks Andy for the great software – I tested dozens of them before choosing GTD and have recommended it to all my Android-owning friends.
    It would be great if the app continued to be available for download on the Market.
    Wish you all be best, hope you come back to GTD sometime to work on my feature requests 🙂

  14. Roelof permalink

    Sad news, to loose such a great app 😦

  15. Dun permalink

    Nightmare! I bought this App, moved everything to Andriod because of it (sadly that’s true!), this app manages my life… I am happy with it as is, why not simply leave it on the Marketplace (with an appropriate note as suggested by someone else)?! I am worried when I come to upgrade my device that I will be stuffed (if you don’t leave it on the marketplace is there anyway of downloading it to a laptop now, so at a later date I can upload it to a new device?!) Surely as a paying customer there must be a way to at least sort this out for us?!

  16. Scott permalink

    I also have enjoyed the app. Ultimate To Do list is a great app if you are looking for a replacement. It has some advantages like sync of goals and notes from toodledo. It’s been working great for me. Best of luck Andy.

  17. jake permalink

    Any update on the fate of this great application? good luck with the new venture. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into developing gtd.

  18. mchris permalink

    Had to reinstall my phone and now I can’t download my paid app. So “existing users will be unaffected by this” is not true. Please make me a happy GTD-.user again by providing the .apk for paying customers (or those who request it)!

  19. Gunter permalink

    Shame this happens just when the app is left with a crucial bug that makes it unusable for its purpose unless fixed (the changing task due date bug)…

  20. claudio permalink

    After more than one year here I moved to ultimate to do list and i found….a better environment!

  21. Hauke permalink

    Hey Andy,
    Good to hear that you are successful in your “other” life. I honestly wish you all the best. I have one question though. Can you please send me the app? Today I wiped my device and am unable to re-install via the market (of course). I paid for your great app.. and would like to continue using it.

  22. Todd permalink

    Congrats on the sale. I recently reinstalled my phone and didn’t know why Got To Do didn’t download from the market until now. Since I didn’t back up the app, I’m stuck. As a paid customer any chance of getting the app so I can use it at last until the API changes?

    I think Toodledo is the best place for the app to go. If you went open source I’d volunteer to coordinate the project, but I’m new to Android development so my contribution would mostly be break/fix work.

    • Simon permalink

      Same problem for me – I feel cheated I cant use an app I paid for.

  23. Marcin permalink

    Same here. Wiped out device few days ago only to find out I wont be able to use this great app. 😦

  24. Ana permalink

    Congrats on your new success. I just updated my android phone & am so bummed to find out you took the app off the market. I use your app every day. Is there any way you can offer the app to the old users? I’d be happy with the last version available & no longer having any updates. I would really appreciate it.

  25. JMG permalink

    I just bought a new phone and started to install all my favourite apps but then I found out that Got To Do wasn’t available anymore! This is really bad! I have bought this app (on my old phone) and now I can’t install it on my new phone!


  26. SG Shin permalink

    I resetted my device and failed to find and re-install this application via the market.please send me apk file.

  27. Christopher permalink

    I had to get my Droid X replaced and was sad to discover my workhorse app wasn’t on the market anymore. I hope it can find a new home and continued success.

  28. chadamoore permalink

    Disappointed. Frustrated. But congratulations…

    Please try to give this to Toodledo as their Android App.
    I’m a programmer but know nothing about mobile phone APIs… or I would give it a try.

  29. Tobi permalink

    I agree with Todd… I paid for this app and I had to factory restore my phone for reasons outside my control, and now I have no way to recover the app I’ve already paid for? That’s shit. You’ve GOT to give people who’ve given you their money a way to get their app back, or else refund all our money. I’ve only had the app for like two months, that is NOT what I paid for.

  30. ron permalink


    I bought gottodo pro then my phone broke. Have new phone but don’t know how to get it back.

    Pls help.

    Congrats on your new venture,


  31. Scott permalink

    Just another paying customer here who got a new phone and when I went to install all of my old apps Got To Do was gone from the market… well that’s how I found this site. It’s a real bummer because it was one of the few apps that I used EVERY DAY! Any Chance of getting a copy of the app?

  32. Ryan Erickson permalink

    for those of us who purchased this app, please leave it in the market. label it AS IS or something, but don’t leave paying customers screwed like this.

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