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I have found a bug or have an issue!

Please have a look on the Redmine Bug Tracker and see if this has been reported before – you will need to register to add comments/watch bugs/receive emails about changes to bugs.  Add a new issue by clicking here – you do not need to register to add a new bug/issue.

I can’t see the paid version in the market?

There is an issue for some people where paid apps with copy protection enabled do not show up in their local market.  This is a much discussed problem in the Android Market forums – with no solution as yet.  I cannot disable copy protection now as this will cause issues for all the paid customers who already have the app installed, so as a developer Google has put me into a difficult position.

So I also publish the paid version of the app on an alternative market SlideME, which you can find here.

I am having sync issues, is there anything I can do?

Try clearing all the tasks/folders/contexts from the app and reloading them from Toodledo.

To clear all the Toodledo data from the app (all templates and other configurations are not affected by this step)

Menu -> Manage Local Data -> Clear Local Data -> Clear Tasks, Folders, Contexts

To force a download of all data from ToodleDo:

Menu -> Sync

How do I delete a Task?

Long click on any item in any task list and you will see an option to delete the task.  Alternatively, press the menu button when in the task details screen to see a delete option.

How do I add a task from a Template?

Long click on the ‘+’ on any summary screen to see the templates you have configured for that screen

Background Sync to Toodledo has Stopped?

Are you using an app killer?  These will often de-register Android system alarms, which is the mechanism that Got To Do uses to do background activity.  If the UI has been closed, then there should be no GotToDo process running, this is by design to be as battery/cpu/memory efficient as possible.  Please exclude GotToDo from your app killer, reboot device and syncing should resume where it left off.

Can I bulk delete items from the app?

There is no way to delete tasks from the app other than one at a time, but you have a couple of options:

  1. If you really need to delete your completed tasks in bulk, try the Toodledo website for those occasions.
  2. You can set the app to remove completed (only once sync’d to your Toodledo account online) tasks from the device (they are still on your Toodledo account accessible from the website)  by using:
    Menu -> Settings -> Synchronisation Settings -> Clear Completed Tasks
    From here you can set the app to clean them from the device at time frames ranging from 1 day, through to 3 months.
    They will only be removed from the device once they are successfully sync’d to Toodledo

My sub-tasks aren’t displaying as indented?

  • You need the paid version of Got To Do
  • You need a paid ‘pro’ subscription to Toodledo
  • You must have sync’d once with Toodledo
  • You press the ‘v’ button in the top left of the screen and select ‘show nested subtasks’
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