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Got To Do is an application for managing tasks and thing to do, based on the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) Workflow. Got To Do supports all versions of Android from 1.5 onwards.

v1.2.6 released

This release doesn’t introduce many changes, but it does now make full use of the new Android licensing service.   The benefits of this are:

  1. I have been able to remove the copy protection flag – which has caused so many issues with market visibility.
  2. Upgrading your handset/android version will no longer cause the app to disappear from the market – or worse, require you to buy it again!
  3. A reduction in the 70% piracy rate I see on my paid app (which I was staggered to see given the free version is fully functional and the paid version is a mere £2/$3)

I have also spent a lot of time implementing release build automation for the different variants, together with continuous integration setup and automated unit test runs – this was quite a bit of work, so apologies that there are not many changes to the app in this version, but the automation has made sure that build consistency isn’t variable!  See the release history for the list of changes.


v1.2.5 Released

Headline features for this release:

  • Added Someday status list
  • Added a “By Status” breakdown list – same as folders/contexts but with task status
  • Add support for setting context/folder/status if a task is specifically added from a task list where these are known.
  • BUG FIX – added support for recognising 4G networks (froyo only) – untested, need feedback on whether this works now.
  • Added ‘Next Action’ to list of startup screens
  • BUG FIX – widget now honours start date filtering
  • ‘All Active’ now honours start/due date filtering
  • Hotlist now does not filter on start date (use the additional start date filtering setting to achieve this now) – should mirror ToodleDo hotlist exactly now.
  • Quite a few bug fixes see Release History for details.

I have not had time to get the local backup to SD card working for this release, it is underway – If you have any doubts please make backups from the TD website in any number of formats that they provide.

v1.2.4 Released

Sorry there has been less activity on releases in the last month, but work, World Cup and holiday have kept me busy. After this release I will be aiming to do another one in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Headline feature in this release:

  • Addition of filter on start date!  So many of you have been asking for this, you can now switch this on in
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Future Task Filter -> Hide Future Starting
    Make sure that you also configure the related setting to an appropriate value:
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Future Task Filter -> Hide Starting After
  • Allow Sunday to be the first day of week, Monday is the default
    Settings -> Configure Got To Do -> Sunday is first day
  • Changes to All Active, Inbox, Completed, so that future start/due date filtering is disabled on these lists

Plus usual handful of bug fixes, see the release history for full details.

v1.2.3 Released

I have released fixes for the Pure Calendar issue and the Force Close on task details back to task list transition.

I have added one small, but much requested feature in this release too:

  • On the task detail screen, press the menu button to see options for COMPLETE and DELETE

I have extended my release testing plan to ensure that these errors will not be repeated.  Thanks for you patience.

Issues with v1.2.2


Since the release last night of v1.2.2 I have had several reports of issues with Pure Calendar integration.  Just to be clear, the integration is only supported in the paid version of the app (which some of you are reporting is not functioning completely).  I will investigate this issue this evening and if it is repeatable will release a fix shortly afterwards.

There is also another issue in v1.2.2 with force close when using the back button from the task detail screen (if there was a screen orientation change on the task edit) – I have reproduced this and will issue a patch tonight too.

Apologies for the introduction of these issues, I will adjust my release testing plan to include these additional cases.

v1.2.2 Released

Version 1.2.2 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

Mostly a bug fix release, but other notable additions:

  • For paid Got To Do Users, Pure Calendar integration should now have full date time sorting
  • Polish translation – many thanks to Michal Zajac
  • Slovakian translation – many thanks to Peter Novotny
  • Change default calendar control first day to Monday, most people want this, will add configuration in next release for those that want Sunday
  • Quite a few bug fixes see Release History for details

v1.2.1 Released

Version 1.2.1 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

  • BUG FIX for the date selection calendar, where 6 week months (like this month) were not displaying correctly
  • Support for the new Toodledo reminder time of 1 minute, you can now schedule and sync tasks with Toodledo that have these 1 minute before due date reminders.
  • Support for 3 new sort orders, available on all lists – By Context Name, By Folder Name, By Starred
  • Couple of other bug fixes for issues reported by users (thanks!) See here for more detail.

v1.2 Released

Version 1.2 is now available on the Android Market and SlideME

Headline changes for this release:

  • Reminders/Notifications have been completely redesigned and rewritten
    This change was necessary to ensure that missed notifications are a thing of the past.  In this release you will see no outward change in notifications (except they should be 100%  reliable), but the groundwork for the next release has been done to allow full screen notifications and snoozing of notifications – these will be coming soon.
  • Integration with the current version of Pure Calendar Widget
    This is only available to paid Got To Do users and it supports display of GTD tasks in the widget and edit/creation of tasks from the widget.  Integration to this very popular widget should give people an alternative to the built in widget, with more background/colour choices (see here).  You will be able to complete tasks from the Pure Calendar widget future releases too.  Go and and give it a try now!
    App Brain
  • Full list of all changes and bug fixes here

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new Got To Do app blog, I intend to make all announcements available on here, updates to user guides and release notes are all coming!