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Release History

1.4 adds the following (13th Feb 2011)

  • Large screen support, for Samsung Galaxy Tablet

1.3.0 adds the following (22nd Jan 2011) Redmine

  • Creating a task for a web page url from the browser
  • Share a task with any app that supports sharing
  • Folder / Context Name Clash on Sync – fixed
  • Start screen configuration allows you to select any screen now
  • New task sort orders added

1.2.9 adds the following (2nd Dec 2010)

  • Delete an empty task can end up killing all tasks bug #1
  • Repeating task with start date and no due date does not reset the new start date bug #6
  • Fix due date/time sync inconsistency bug #12
  • Add task time and priority to content provider bug #8
  • Add direct link to this issues tracker in the app feature #11
  • Show last successful Date & Time Last Sync on summary page on small bar at bottom feature #26

1.2.8 adds the following (1st Nov 2010)

At the request of Toodledo, the following changes were made:

  • Change appid in API calls, to allow proper tracking on ToodleDo
  • Remove 15 minutes sync interval, at the request of – anyone who has 15 minute interval will now be set to 30 mins
  • When a sync is due, add a random number of minutes 0-15 of delay, to spread load on TD servers.

1.2.7 adds the following (23rd Sept 2010)

  • BUG FIX performance of edit that should speed up the edit of tasks when you have a large number of parent tasks in the app.  This is compounded by the Samsung device lag that is well documented.  Hopefully it will all be speedy now!  let me know if it isn’t.

1.2.6 adds the following (12th Sept 2010)

  • Moved to use the new licensing service, removed the copy protection from the paid version (hopefully this will cure many install issues + device/OS upgrade problems)
  • BUG FIX – make sure that manual sync still works if the android ‘allow background sync’ setting is false.
  • Make sure that appid is passed with all TD API calls to provide logging on TD history/access list
  • BUG FIX – do not pass GOAL id in either ADD or EDIT TD API calls to ensure there are no failures with goal setting in sync

1.2.5 adds the following (10th Aug 2010)

  • Added Someday status list
  • Added a “By Status” breakdown list – same as folders/contexts but with task status
  • Tweaked ‘delete sync’ to remove children before parents
  • Add support for setting context/folder/status if a task is specifically added from a task list where these are known.
  • Added Android OS version interfacing, to allow me to utilise froyo features and provide backward compatible implementations to cupcake
  • BUG FIX – added support for recognising 4G networks (froyo only) – untested, need feedback on whether this works now.
  • Added ‘Next Action’ to list of startup screens
  • BUG FIX – widget now honours start date filtering
  • ‘All Active’ now honours start/due date filtering
  • Hotlist now does not filter on start date (use the additional start date filtering setting to achieve this now) – should mirror TD hotlist exactly now.

1.2.4 adds the following (20th July 2010)

  • BUG FIX – returning to task details after home screen button on new task now redisplays task correctly
  • Add setting to allow Sunday to be the first day of week on the calendar, Settings -> Configure Got To Do.
  • Extend ‘active’ area on delete date/time ‘x’ icon, try to make it easier to hit on nexus/desire etc.
  • BUG FIX – change dialog lifecycles on task details to stop force close that was occurring in small number of cases
  • Add a new preference for ‘hide if start date more than n months’ where n is 0 to 6 – 0 meaning ‘any future start date’.
  • Change so that all lists honour the due date/start date filter preferences. These preferences will NOT apply to Inbox/Completed/All Tasks – where you should be able to see everything
  • Upgrade to Flurry 1.24

1.2.3 adds the following (7th June 2010):

  • Upgrade admob jar in lite version 20100527
  • Add menu to task details screen to allow COMPLETE and DELETE – push the menu button to see choices
  • BUG FIX – revert change to task detail screen, move service binding back to onCreate as temporary fix
  • BUG FIX – undo sending of time component to Pure Calendar, will work with Developer to get this fixed

1.2.2 adds the following (6th June 2010):

  • BUG FIX – non pro-TD account reminders not syncing correctly as 1 hour to the app, now works
  • BUG FIX – internal activity lifecycle service binding moved to onStart from onCreate, to cure restoreActivity failures
  • BUG FIX – refactor common dialogs, to stop lifcycle NPEs on occasion
  • BUG FIX – Attempt to locate and fix sync thread ‘stoppages’, unable to recreate, so this is a ‘safety net’ addition.
  • Change default calendar control first day to Monday, most people want this, will add configuration in next release for those that want Sunday
  • Addition of Polish translation – many thanks to Michal Zajac
  • Addition of Slovakian translation – many thanks to Peter Novotny
  • Pure Calendar now has access to full date & time for due date sorting (paid version of app only).

1.2.1 adds the following (17th May 2010):

  • BUG FIXcompleting some tasks which do not have a due date causes error
  • Added the ~1 minute reminder setting that is now in ToodleDo
  • BUG FIX6 week months not displaying correctly on calendar widget
  • BUG FIXdue date tomorrow, due time 12:00 am – not showing up in the tomorrow list
  • Add new task list sort order options: By Context (name), By Folder (name), By Starred

1.2 adds the following (27th April 2010):

  • Reminder/Notification management refactor, no more missing notifications!
  • Pure Calendar integration, provider updates for folders – intents to ADD/EDIT tasks
  • Upgrade admob jar in lite version 20100331
  • Allow definition of HTTP/HTTPS per API command
  • BUG FIX – Switch TD API over to using POST for all interactions instead of GET – overly long URIs were causing occasional issues.
  • BUG FIX – subtasks with repeat setting ‘with-parent’ now have their repeat setting correctly passed on during completion of parent
  • BUG FIX – start date advances on repeating tasks
  • BUG FIX – fix synchronisation of background thread & onDestroy, stop the NPEs!

1.1.3 adds the following (16th April 2010):

  • BUG FIX – make notifications work again

1.1.1 adds the following (12th April 2010):

  • BUG FIX – make sure titles have more than 1 char and less than 255 before attempting to sync with TD.
  • Added first version of task content provider, for integration with Pure Calendar (not functional yet)
  • Switch over to using https for all api interactions
  • Added small arrow icons to folder/context list
  • BUG FIX – setAlarm NPE, quick fix
  • BUG FIX – Hide archived folders in folder list
  • Improve task edit screen contrast
  • BUG FIX – default start time if not specified should be 00:00 (12:00 AM)

1.1 adds the following (31st March 2010):

  • Internal refactor of data access layer, in preparation for more complex app layer defined filtering
  • BUG FIX – fix hot list due in next 1 days, now only shows tasks due today if set to 1 day.
  • Added template due date settings of – Next Saturday and Next Sunday
  • Added full configuration of hotlist priority and due in n days, either use the TD account settings or override them locally in the app. (default is to use TD account settings)
  • Added configuration of future task filtering, either use the TD account settings or override them locally in the app. (default is off)
  • Upgraded admob jars in lite version
  • Added context <None> to contexts summary, to show those tasks with no context
  • Added folder <None> to folders summary, to show those tasks with no folder
  • Add long click menu to context and folder – DELETE option added
  • BUG FIX – deleting folders/contexts on TD that are referenced in task templates was failing
  • BUG FIX – correctly remove children added locally to parents deleted remotely – remove them
  • Added 2 new summary items – Today, Tomorrow.  These are both OFF by default, use ‘Configure Summary’ to make them visible.

1.0.3 adds the following (23rd March 2010):

  • BUG FIX – “Synchronisation failed: Invalid Id”, local delete and remote delete syncing.
  • BUG FIX – “Synchronisation failed: Invalid Id”, local edit and remote delete (local task wins) syncing.
  • Do not attempt to sync if no wifi and no mobile network
  • Change task title edit dialog, 5 lines, wrapped text larger font

1.0.2 adds the following (21st March 2010):

  • BUG FIX – removed a stopSelf() call after widget updates
  • Settings screen, support URL now clicks through to open in browser
  • Added ability to clear tasks or tasks,folders,contexts from local DB, to allow a resync with TD
  • Added Russian localisation, courtesy of Dima Kudryavtsev
  • Added debug data for sync failures
  • Added high-res icon for droid and nexus
  • Fix widget to display more tasks on high-res screens

1.0.1 adds the following (15th March 2010):

  • FRENCH – updated translation
  • BUG FIX – fixed searching that got broken during v1.0 release.  Use the magnifier button when in the app to search your tasks.

1.0 adds the following (11th March 2010):

  • Added task repeat display on task edit screen
  • BUG FIX task completion not cancelling notifications
  • BUG FIX removed filter icon and add task icon from reminder screen
  • BUG FIX widget ‘add task’ was broken
  • Added configuration of repeat, basic repeat choices only – advanced repeats display only
  • Added ‘remove from parent’ context menu option on children
  • Clear date/time icon, remove from long click to make obvious!
  • Add support for completing repeating parent tasks and ‘repeat with parent’
  • Add child task icon

0.9 adds the following:

  • Renamed app to Got To Do
  • Configuration of widget, which list is displayed (click through from widget to that list), which sort order for the widget (separate to the  the sort order of the corresponding list in the app), whether the ‘current filter’ applies to the widget task list.
  • Added subtask indentation and options to menus to flatten subtasks or show them as nested.
  • Added subtask support to widget to only display parents when in ‘nested’ view mode.
  • Subtask ordering is done according to the sort order of the screen in which you are viewing them, there is no support  from TD API for user defined order of subtasks.
  • Subtasks are filtered in the same way as any other task, but will only be visible in nested view if the parent is visible.
  • Updated all priority colours to make them brighter, toned down the ‘pink’ bubble background – changed calendar control to use greys.
  • Added support so that subtasks will not be available on the free version.
  • Added press feedback colour on the task edit screen
  • BUG FIX overdue tasks no longer on today/tomorrow unless they are due today/tomorrow and overdue.

0.8.4 adds the following:

  • BUG FIX completed task notification has force close in some cases
  • BUG FIX completed task not resetting reminder notification flag (on repeat task too)
  • French translation, courtesy of Eric Gouaze
  • German translation, courtesy of Michael Buck
  • Added TEXT ONLY tag display and edit, tags are comma separated when editing
  • Jazzed up the widget, top 6 tasks in portrait, top 3 in landscape.  Click ‘+’ to add a new task from widget.  Click tasks to launch hotlist view.  the top 6 are taken from the hotlist.

0.8.3 adds the following:

  • Added some UI performance refactors – task list scrolling is noticeably smoother and more responsive
  • Allow entry into folder/contexts with 0 tasks
  • BUG FIX Make sure references to context/folder in task templates are cleaned on folder/context delete
  • Added ‘recently completed’ notifications, click through to the recently completed items.  Ending the app, or 60 seconds after addition to the list tasks will be removed.
  • Add configuration to allow choice of startup screen, choose between Summary (default), Hotlist, Inbox, Today
  • back key in notes edit should be like ‘save’
  • Add ‘copy’ task to long click menu on task in list – duplicates the task
  • Add About information
  • Reorganise settings screens

0.8.2 adds the following:

  • No redraw on non-repeating task completion – temporary fix
  • Automatically capitalise Task Title and Template name, folder name, context name in dialogs
  • Increase Task Title font size on task list
  • Add full set of task indicator icons onto the task list lines.
    – Starred
    – Notes
    – Parent Task i.e. has sub tasks (in prep for full support)
    – Reminder
    – Repeat Task
  • BUG FIX task template dialog was caching templates, meaning that sometimes adding new templates meant they would not show until the related task list had been reopened.
  • Built a custom calendar control for date selection

0.8.1 adds the following:

  • Spanish localisation updates for new features
  • Added custom uncaught exception handler
  • Added lots of debug event data for completion of repeating tasks
  • removed debug events for due date issues
  • added basic in app search, searches title and notes.  Press the search button.  Orderby is remembered for search result list in the same way as all other lists.

0.8 adds the following:

  • Archived folders are not shown in lists / counts
  • Filters no longer apply on inbox
  • Added ToodleDo ‘importance’ calculation, RE-INSTALL required if you want to make use of this.
    – Added task sort by importance, highest at the top
  • Default hotlist order is now by importance
  • BUG FIX Fix for date time issues in timezones behind EST (GMT -0500) – Richard, this should work now!
  • Added phone/url/email autolinking in the notes display of the task detail – click to call etc.
  • Username setting keyboard now uses the email specific keyboard
  • BUG FIX reminders were causing errors since 0.7.6, fixed now
  • Changed all selection dialogs to custom style, small ticked checkbox instead of green radio button and reduced item height to fit more on screen
  • Added full task templating, define multiple templates and tie them to all task lists or to one specific task list. ‘Add Task’ button, will pick the most specific default flagged template. Long click add-task button for list of all possible templates for that list.

0.7.7 adds the following:

  • Move all arrows from add/edit task screen, make whole value clickable
  • Increased font size on add/edit task for all except notes
  • Bug Fix Goals were being affected during sync, even though not supported in GID yet, this is fixed now
  • A more ‘brute force’ sync, that should always catch up in the event of failures half way through
  • GetItDone now recalculates repeat tasks on completion, no longer deferring to TD – all TD repeating types supported

0.7.5 adds the following:

  • Add Waiting For task list
  • Designed an application icon
  • BUG FIX Fix recurring task sync, all logic about new tasks is deferred to TD – they create the new tasks now
  • Change task edit screen to make values trigger edit as well as ‘>’
  • Configuration of summary screen items – on the summary screen use press ‘menu’ anc configure which summary lines you want to see

v0.7.4 adds the following

  • Sweep through code to make sure that all resources are localizable
  • Reworked sync infrastructure, added full unit test suite
    – ALL DATA WILL BE WIPED ON UPGRADE!  Then a manual sync will be necessary
    * Completed tasks are now downloaded on initial sync, then deleted back to the policy chosen – max 3 months
    * Completing a task on TD will now sync properly
    * Synchronisation conflict policy setting added, default Server replaces Local in any conflict – this is at the task level not the field level
  • Add filter setup onto all screens, not just summary
  • BUG FIX Stop the ‘force closure’ dialogs when background sync occurs

v0.7.3 adds the following:

  • Spanish translation, courtesy of J. Carlos Fernández
  • BUG FIX Date and Time handling in non-english locales was wrong

v0.7.2 adds the following:

  • Position in list is restored when going ‘back’ to a task list from task edit/view
  • BUG FIX Small change to due time / start time sync calculation and addition of debug code which can be activated for specific people to debug if issue not resolved
  • Addition of simple filters – by context and by filter
  • position in list is restored when doing ‘delete’

v0.7.1 adds the following:

  • Change all dialogs on edit task to not need ok/cancel buttons
  • BUG FIX fix due/start date/time sync with TD – where it was drifting by upto 1 minute
  • Added a message if reminder is set for a time that has passed
  • BUG FIX task -> edit -> change title -> cancel -> change title – dialog had previous ‘cancelled’ edit text
  • BUG FIX definitely cured the ‘wait’ dialog popping up in long syncs!
  • Added basic sync feedback to bottom of summary screen

v0.7 adds the following:

  • Introduction of Flurry, to track errors and exceptions
  • Added password masking to Toodledo password
  • Added ToodleDo hotlist to summary screen, settings for minimum priority and days before due are taken from TD account settings
  • Notes Dialog to allow more data to be entered/viewed
  • BUG FIX Fix start time / due time sync issue, TD api inconsistency when unix=1 on api requests
  • Addition of reminder configuration to the add/edit task
  • Allow configuration of completed task removal – 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months
  • BUG FIX Fix the threading issue that causes ‘wait’ or ‘force close’ dialog when manual syncing lots of tasks
  • BUG FIX Fix the ‘force close’ on screen orientation changes
  • Reminder notifications into the top bar
  • Overdue tasks no longer have all their text in red, instead the due date/time has a red background around it

v0.6 adds the following:

  • BUG FIX Fix sync bug with new locally added folders and contexts
  • BUG FIX Extend size of edit arrows on task edit screen – makes them easier to push
  • BUG FIX Fix syncing of starred from ToodleDo

v0.5 adds the following:

  • BUG FIX fix for ‘half the screen is grey’ issues on Android 1.5 (changed layouts to workaround an android bug with vertical center and relative layouts).  Tested layouts on 1.6 and 2.0 too.

v0.4 adds the following features:

  • Changed error reporting framework for toodledo API interactions – error messages from toodledo are now displayed to user on failed syncs
  • Long click on Start Date / Due Date will clear date and time
  • Long click on start time / due time will clear time
  • Start Time / Due Time may not be set without relevant start date / due date being set
  • Long Click on task in any task list will offer a ‘delete task’ context menu
  • Added 12hour and 24hour sync periods
  • Added user selectable order for each task list, which is remembered once set, choices are:
    • Due Date, then Priority
    • Priority, then Due Date
    • Task Title
    • Task Creation Date/Time
  • Added due date/time to task display
  • Moved most resources to bundles that were not already there – ready for internationalisation – also tested non arabic character display/syncing
  • Added skeleton desktop widget for top5 tasks by due date/priority – this is just a tester, not the final idea
  • BUG FIX when incorrect toodledo credentials result in future syncs being ignored until reboot of device
  • BUG FIX when clean install db not allowing app to start

v0.2 has the following features:

  • Single account synchronisation, including folders, contexts and tasks – all entities sync’d in both directions
  • Background sync with, schedulable at different frequencies or manually triggered.
  • Add / Edit task locally, the add/edit interaction model is designed to be as quick (few interactions) as possible. Save is automatic.
  • Task list views through a first set of groupings that I find appropriate with my experiences of other ToDo managers.
  • Overdue and up and coming task highlighting.
  • In line task completion with no need to edit task, completion does not immediately remove items from the task list – this is by design in case you mistakenly change something and want to change it back quickly.
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