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Summary Screen

The default startup screen for the application is the summary screen.  This shows you all of your tasks categorized by different groupings.

  • Inbox – any item whose status field is set to ‘None’
  • Hotlist – defined by the ToodleDo hotlist settings
  • Due Today/Tomorrow – tasks due doay or tomorrow
  • Overdue – Tasks past their completion date/time
  • Starred – Tasks that you have marked as starred
  • Next Action – Tasks whose status you have set to ‘Next Action’
  • Waiting On – Tasks whose status you have set to ‘Waiting’
  • Folders – Tasks grouped by their folder
  • Contexts – Tasks grouped by their context
  • All Active – Tasks that are not yet complete
  • Completed – Tasks that have been completed

You may not find all of these groupings useful to the way you manage your tasks, if you press the menu button whilst on the summary screen then you will be able to select the ‘Configure Summary’ option.

This allows you to hide any summary line that you do not need.  Press the back button when you are finished configuring.

In the top left corner of the screen, there is an arrow which when clicked will bring up a menu allowing you to filter the tasks you see.

You can filter by a context or a folder; you can also reset any filter you might have used earlier.  Filter selection is remembered each time you reopen the application until you ‘Clear Filter’.  With a filter active, all counts in the summary screen are reduced to just the tasks that match the filter.  Clicking through on any of the summary items will take you to a task list that shows only the filtered tasks.

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