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Samsung Galaxy Tablet

February 8, 2011

I have just started work on allowing Got To Do to utilise the full screen on the Samsung Galaxy (and other large screen devices) – I am hopeful of a release by the weekend.  Seems like the Android tablet community is growing rapidly – it is probably the most requested change to Got To Do!

I am having to take more control of the screen layouts and stop Android filling in all the gaps for me (as it does in the current version) – this is largely a testing job to make sure that I have broken the layouts on the numerous other combinations of screen size and densities – there really are loads to test!  Depending on time, I may also look at adding layouts for small screen devices – so they will then be able to see the app in the market.


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  1. Dan Krevere permalink

    I would suggest in addition to the Galaxy tablet, making sure Got To Do works on the upcoming Motorola Xoom Tablet…….which I am sure will be very popular. I use Got To Do on a Droid phone and will get the Xoom ASAP…by end of February.


    • Thanks! I am making the changes to support ‘large’ screens, so this should enable any tablet device to work – I will see if there is an emulator setup for the Xoom.

  2. Jaffa Brown permalink

    WooHoo. Well Done – happy to beta test if you want on my Tab!!! Currently using GotToDo on my phone, and the (frankly) awful Due Today on my Tab, becuase of the screen size issue – would love to ditch the Due Today.

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