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Got To Do is an application for managing tasks and thing to do, based on the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) Workflow. Got To Do supports all versions of Android from 1.5 onwards. There are 2 versions of the application:

  • Got To Do Lite is a free ad-supported version that has most of the features of the paid version. It will not support managment of sub-tasks, or their indented display. It will happily display sub-tasks from your Toodledo Pro account, allowing you to edit and sync them without disturbing the parent-child relationships.
  • Got To Do, currently available for £2 on the market. This has full support for sub-tasks but does require you to have a paid Toodledo Subscription to make use of sub-tasks on the application. There are no adverts in this version.

Language translations have been kindly done by volunteers, currently the following are available:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

These translations are done voluntrarily and as such releases will be available where the latest addtions are only in English, these will be updated as soon as possible after release. During the development of this application, it was named ‘GetItDone’ and was managed from a group there are many discussions here which show the development of the current features.

Then on release the a new group was created to provide support and a place to receive feedback. Google had a period of 2 weeks where the ‘lost’ (or at least misplaced) all content on that site with the exception of the discussions – this lead me to look for better alternatives, thus ending up here at WordPress.

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