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Task Templates

  • From the summary or any task list, press the Menu button and select the ‘Task Templates’ option.
  • The task templates list is all of the templates you have configured, I have pre-configured a couple to allow you to see what can be done – you can delete or edit these however you like, they are not required by any other part of the app.
  • You can add new templates using the ‘+’, you can delete templates by long clicking on the template in the list and using the context menu to delete.  Clicking a template will allow you to edit it.
  • Templates are ordered/grouped by the task list to which they belong, at the top are templates which are visible in all task list screens and on the summary screen.
  • You will see that some of the templates have a tick by them – these are the default templates.  There can only be 1 default template in each group of templates i.e. from all of the templates marked ‘All Task Lists’, only 1 at a time may be the default – ticking another will cause the previous template to become unticked.  You do not need to mark any templates as default.
  • Once you have configured some templates you can use them from the task list ‘+’ buttons.  Go to the summary screen or any of the task lists.
    • pressing the ‘+’ button will cause a new task to be created – if there is a default template defined for that specific list, it will be used.  If there is an ‘All Task Lists’ template marked as default, but no specific list default template, then this will be used.  If there are both, then the specific list version is used.
    • Long pressing the ‘+’ button will cause a selection dialog to pop up which shows all templates that can be use from the current list, the ‘default’ template that would have been used for a press of the ‘+’ button is shown with the tick by it.  This dialog will contain all of the templates for the specific list plus all templates marked ‘All Task Lists’.

You can now configure templates which affect most aspects of a task, in any manner with sensible defaulting allowing you to change the behaviour of a new task being added in any list.  You can create quick configs for common tasks that will be available easily from the long press of ‘+’, such as ‘Phone Today’ template or ‘Grocery List’.  I hope that you find this new feature as powerful as I hope you will.

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